Recently, the demand for fish keeping has seen a rise as people have moved to smaller homes and it is not practically possible to own a cat or dog as they require more space

Keeping fish can be a rewarding hobby as they do not require much of your time, energy and physical space. Watching fish swim around in the aquarium is very soothing and relaxing. Not only that, an aquarium filled with colourful fish in the office or in your home offers therapeutic benefits for your physical and mental health. Chinese people believe that aquariums bring good luck as the water it contains is one of the five elements of the earth. According to them, water generates positive energy and promotes calm and harmony.

Recently, the demand for fish keeping has seen a rise as people have moved to smaller homes and it is not practically possible to own a cat or dog as they require more space.

There are several benefits of keeping fish, rather than bigger animals as pets:

  • Fish don’t require much attention and care as compared to dogs, cats or birds. It is easier and cheaper to feed and care for them than any other pet. And, if you are going for a holiday, you can easily leave the fish on its own at least for a week or more. You can ask your friend or neighbour to feed them during this period. They do not even develop separation anxiety or exhibit abnormal behaviour when you leave them alone at home like in the case of dogs. They are very quiet also, unlike dogs;
  • It has been proved scientifically that watching fish swim in the aquarium helps in lowering blood pressure and has calming effect. Studies have also revealed that the mere presence of fish bring the anxiety level down. These days places like hospital and corporate offices prefer to install aquariums to keep people calm and in good frame of mind;
  • If your relationship is going through a rough patch with your spouse, you may think of buying a fish tank for the room you share with your spouse. Aquarium fish ease stress and it may help your relationship to be less prone to arguments, which in turn can significantly improve your relationship with your partner. The same can work with other family members as well. Fish eyes produce hypnotic effects and have been compared to hypnosis that helps in reducing stress;
  • If you have children who have trouble eating their food, you may think of setting up an aquarium in the dining room. Studies have shown that fish help people to keep their attention on their food. Many restaurants and hotels have started keeping fish aquarium because of this.
  • Fish help growing children in multiple ways. Hyperactive kids learn to be responsible as they are involved in feeding the fish and cleaning the tank regularly. Children have been shown to relax and gain social benefits including good nurturing abilities while caring for fish. It also helps toddlers develop language skills as they try to make conversation with the fish;
  • Fish keeping has emerged a perfect choice for the elderly as they lack the energy to meet the physical demands of keeping a dog or cat. Fish keeping also gives them the satisfaction of being able to care for another creature. It is also a great way to overcome their solitude;
  • Alzheimer patients have received various health benefits in the company of fish. Several studies have revealed a positive effect on the patients’ nutritional intake and weight gain. These patients require lesser nutritional supplements when they live with fish, and as a result they get less aggressive;

Fish keeping can provide a fascinating hobby for many fish enthusiasts. However, as is the case with other pets like dog, cat, etc, preparation is priceless when it comes to committing to the care and guardianship of any living being.