In the previous issue, we read about the present status of fish hobbyists and their ignorance with respect to fish keeping. In this issue, let us understand it further. In a broader sense, ornamental fishes are classified into Freshwater and Marine. In Freshwater, aquarium fishes are reared in the following four categories:

Community Aquarium
Type 1

Most of the hobbyists are familiar with this type of aquarium. It normally holds good variety of fishes, which adjust well with their fellow mates. Examples are Gold Fishes, Rainbow Sharks, Koi Carps, Angel Fishes, Black Moors, etc. If anyone thinks about ornamental fishes, gold fish will immediately strike their mind. Its orange red colour, globoid body and movements attract everyone.

Type 2

Other types of community tank fishes include Mollies, Sword tail, Guppies, Platies, etc. Though these fishes are harmless, they are not so friendly with gold fishes, because of their linear shape. By nature, gold fish secretes more quantity of mucus in its body. This mucus is very tasty. In order to eat this mucus, Mollies and Guppies will keep chasing gold fishes. So, it is not advisable to keep these two types of community tank fishes together.

Planted Aquarium

Nowadays, this type of aquarium is getting more popular. Live water plants in this aquarium bring lust green appearance inside the house. Illumination of tank will enhance the effect of these plants. Looking at this lush green appearance will relax the mind. Tiny fishes and water plants make this aquarium very beautiful. It acts as an eco balancer for plant and animal life. Initial investment of setting up of this aquarium is higher than the community aquarium. Plants that are normally used are Cabomba, Vallisneria, Giant mint, etc. Tetra variety fishes are ideal for these planted tanks. They include Neon tetra, Cardinal tetra, Hockey stick, etc.

Cichlids Aquarium

Cichlids are type of aquarium fishes that are carnivore in nature. These fishes are available in different colous ranging from yellow, blue, orange, etc. They love to live in small cave like structures. So, the tank has to be set up with lots of rock and cave arrangement. The stronger ones of these cichlid fishes will keep chasing the weaker ones. It is important to provide the hiding space for the weaker ones. In this group, male fishes are more colourful than females.

Territorial Single Fish Tank

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that is gaining prominence nowadays. This practice emphasises on the importance of ‘qi’ or ‘chi’, which is energy flow, as the crucial factor that influences our lives, our surroundings and the kind of circumstances or luck associated with it. Two fishes Flower Horn and Arowana, considered to be costly, are reared in many houses. It is believed that these fishes will bring luck and prosperity to the house where they are kept. These two fishes are highly carnivore in nature i.e. they like meat very much. They cannot be kept together in a single tank. Even fishes of same kind cannot be kept for long time.

Arowana fish has two long barbells, which resemble long trailing beard of Chinese people. Arowana fish is capable of catching small sparrows sitting on the hanging branches of rivers.

Flower horn is mostly liked because of its finger following action. When you move your finger outside the tank, it will follow your finger. Nuchal hump is its main characteristic. One of the Chinese God‘s face resembles like this nuchal hump. Hence, people are interested to purchase fish with huge hump.

Aquarium owners take extra precaution when it comes to these fishes. They seek immediate medical attention, in case these fishes fall sick.

Since price of these two fishes are high, eight orange coloured fishes (Gold fishes) and one black fish (black moor) can be reared in a glass tank.

For beginners, it is advisable to go for community tanks. Initial cost of setting them up is cheaper than the other aquariums. After gaining experience in this aquarium, one can easily migrate to other types.

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I am V Rajaraman, a Post Graduate in Fisheries Science (M.F.Sc). I have done my graduation in the Fisheries College in Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu) and Post Graduation from College of Fisheries, Mangalore (Karnataka). I have been in this ornamental sector since 1996. As of now, I am running one Fish clinic and disease treatment centre in the name of ‘RAJ AQUA CLINIC’ in Kolathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am proud to say that ours is the First Fish Clinic in India.

We get regular patients (Sick Fishes) for treatment purposes. We try to diagnose the diseases based on the symptoms shown by fishes. We educate our customers for healthy fish keeping.