Name: Hunter | Breed: Caucasian Ovcharka/Shepherd | Age: 3 and a Half Years | Gender: Male | Human Parents: Paramjeet Singh Dhesi | Imported from: Ukraine | Residents of: Sarabha Nagar – Ludhiana, Punjab

The Caucasian Ovcharka is a calm, massive, powerful, loyal and highly intelligent fearless flock guardian. Independent, they stand their ground and do not back down. They are good with all members of their own family. Outside the home they may try to dominate other dogs and are wary of strangers; they are guardians and will act as such.
Today Caucasian Ovcharka (CO) is treasured not only by the people but also by all who has grown fond of these animals and highly appreciates this courageous protector and friend.

Working Dogs
Caucasian Shepherd/Ovcharka is considered to be the most courageous Russian dog breed. Extra endurance and dedication of this breed have made him perfectly fit to work in police and military departments in various parts of the globe. During Soviet Union period in Russia, Caucasian Ovcharkas served as patrol dogs on the border along the Berlin wall and guarded prisoners of the Soviet Gulag camps. They are known for their courageous nature for centuries to guard flocks, hunt bears and protect properties against trespassers and thieves. Caucasian Ovcharkas always stand by and defend their pet parents or companions.

Eccentricities/Adorable Habits
Hunter will walk up to me and put his foot on top of mine, so If I pulled it out thinking he just stepped on it , he will again stepped over and put his foot on top of mine, staring at me. So, I put my other foot on top of his paw and he immediately will pull his foot out and put it on top. This will go on and on and on, until I tell him to go lay down. Hunter thinks he is a lap dog. If I am sitting on the floor he will come up and try to sit in my lap. He gets really excited and in a flash he is on my lap. He will stay there and will lick my hands. He never wants to get off.

I’d Describe My Dog As
A fantastic member of family, who is gentle & kind, playful with good temperament, along with being a true companion. This is phenomenal example of the breed that I can take anywhere and always is centre of attraction.

Favorite Pastime
Hunter loves spending time outside. I don’t think there is anything more that he would rather do. It’s his favourite thing ever! He enjoys visiting a farm and having lots of space to run around with his other dog buddies and lounging under the shade of the beautiful trees or wherever they can find shade.

Fears, if any
No Fear

This breed is socialised with leadership, structure, consistency and patience qualities. Prepare yourself for the best experience of your life. It breaks my heart to hear people describe the breed as dangerous etc. If bred well, trained well and loved they are the best dogs ever.