The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a strong-willed, loyal, fearless dog. He is a formidable guard dog that is rare and exotic and is only suitable really to protect property such as large commercial estates, in prisons and by the Military.
The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a natural protector. Very little training is required to teach him. If he feels threatened or feels that his property or family is in danger then he will attack. He attacks by running at the intruder and knocking them to the floor before attacking them whilst they are down.

This mountain dog instinctively knows where the most vulnerable part of his victim’s body is and will aim there. He also stands on his back legs to reach over six feet in height in order to attack someone’s face.
Americans have recognized in the Caucasian Shepherd dog phenomenal security qualities and have compared her to a pistol “Colt” of 45th caliber. “If a man is climbing a fence, a Caucasian will kill him immediately, but Central Asian Shepherd (ALABAI) will firstly think one second, and only then he will kill him.”

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not servants or workaholics by their nature. They are thinking dogs! Ninety-nine percent of them don’t have a natural reflex of fetching things; they will do you want them to do only if they find it necessary or justifiable.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog doesn’t like being in pursuit of a trainer. The dogs accept only real opponents and in their opinion, an enemy running away is not an enemy. Remember the Caucasian Shepherd Dog starts acting depending on a situation and does not wait for its master’s command. It’s great in terms of protection but at the same time it causes specific requirements to its master’s ability to
control the dog.
A Caucasian Shepherd attacks the human enemy without any hesitation, which makes his chance to win higher. Moreover, this breed of dog often attacks the throat and face of human opponents.
When thinking about getting a Caucasian Ovcharka, you have to think if you have the necessary energy for this kind of breed. It is advisable to get to know the character of the puppy’s parents, to see what kind of character they will pass down to their offspring. Breeders should carefully choose the puppy-buyers. A character should come first when breeding Caucasian Ovcharkas. One should concentrate on quality, not quantity. There are too many Caucasians in the wrong hands – people who have discovered this breed only to enhance their own ego, and do not understand the Caucasian Ovcharka’s behaviour.
These are guard dogs but training is not meant to emphasize the aggressive nature or to enhance the guarding instinct. Socialization will lessen the dog’s wariness with strangers. Training is done to tone down the ferociousness, to curb the unmanageable tendencies and to turn the dog into a docile and good natured companion. A lot of people are daunted by the size and the less than the desirable reputation of this breed.

However, A Caucasian Shepherd Dog that is trained correctly and raised with love, patience and understanding will develop into a perfect companion, the very best furry friend a dog lover can ever dream of. Owners of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs absolutely love the breed. Having one for a companion is like having a devoted, affectionate and loyal friend in dog’s clothing.

Hunter & Zoya
Our Caucasians, both imported from Ukraine (Hunter and Zoya) at nights may bark at strange noises and during daytime if someone is at gate. Suspiciousness ends when Hunter sees that his household accepts the guests. It is no use to try to suppress the barking because it is part of the guarding behaviour; it just has to be accepted. A very special thing about the pair is that this is first Champion Pedigree pair ever imported to India, and this ‘Litter’ is First litter of Caucasian Born in India.
Hunter gets along with my Dogo Argentino (Tiger) very well. I have noticed that he uses calming signals a lot and does everything to avoid conflicts. Caucasian Ovcharka is like a teddy bear. If you keep them close to you, you’ll be their best friend forever. These dogs are great listeners. They really take care of the people who take care of them.

From my experience, this is a dog breed that needs an active lifestyle to be happy. You have to stay with them for at least six months straight for them to know who they have to protect, trust and bond with. By seven to twelve months they should be almost/or fully trained and know your lifestyle.

They are great for outdoor active families or a one-owner dog. They will become your friends and will protect you as you would protect them. They can be hard to train, but if you’re an experienced dog owner then they’re very easy.
Paramjeet Singh Dhesi runs ELITE SQUAD KENNEL ( in Ludhiana – Punjab. He is an avid dog lover who imports rare breeds to India.