Pet of Month: Make Me Feel (Make) Breed: European Rough Collie Age: 2.2 years, Gender: Male, Human Parents: Pooja Singh, Resident of :Ambala, Haryana

The Rough Collie is a dog as beautiful in temperament as in body. Originally bred to assist the shepherd in the care and protection of his flock, the modern Collie still possesses the fine qualities of his Scottish herding ancestors – gentleness, intelligence, and loyalty – making them especially well suited for family life. An exceptional dog with his primary focus on his people, the Collie adapts well to either city or country life.

Make is an elegant, beautiful, and intelligent dog and his presence is also felt on Facebook by the name of Oswald Rough Collies. One of the Collies greatest assets is his natural love for children. It comes in three colours – sable, tricolor and blue merle. They are ideal family pets and easy to train. They are medium sized dogs and are well suited to live in small apartments because of their calm disposition. They are attentive playful, friendly and sensitive.

Favourite Pastime
Make likes to play fetch the ball game; he runs, catches the ball before any other dog but ironically he drops it there only and never brings it back to me.

Adorable Habits/Eccentricities
Make is very dominating over other dogs and is very possessive about me. He doesn’t let other dogs come near to me.

No Fears.

Collies are not only considered as most beautiful breeds in the world but also most noble of all breeds; they deserve only the best. They are not recommended as complete outside/backyard dogs and under no circumstances should a collie ever be chained or tied up.