Syed Z Haider

Acting General Manager,

Fraser Suites New Delhi (FSND)


What services do you offer to the guests with pets and to those pets?

We offer Express In-Room check-in to the guests with pets so that other guests in the lobby area don’t get disturbed. We also provide special utensils for feeding pets.
Is there a change in tariff for such guests, if yes, do throw some light on the extra charges that are levied.
No extra charges are levied for any services, but no more than 2 pets per apartment are permitted in Fraser Suites New Delhi.

Are there any present condition or rules & regulations for such guests?

Fraser Suites New Delhi have important guidelines for pets, in which pets are not allowed to pass through the lobby and pets are strictly not permitted in any public areas i.e., facilities, corridors, Gym, Epicure (Restaurant). Entry and exit shall be through the side entrance or basement levels, for the convenience of other guests.

For the safety of other residents, pets should only use the service elevators. Pets should be fully vaccinated for diseases. A photocopy (which will be surrendered) and original copy of the Vaccination and Health Certificate must be submitted upon arrival. The health certificate should also reflect that the veterinarian administered flea and tick preventive to the pet, such as Fipronil.

Do you have different staff for such guests, if yes; are those staff members trained in handling pets?

A good pet-friendly hotel such as ours has staff which actually likes animals. FSND staff greets pet guests with the same enthusiasm as they do human guests. Pet-savvy staff will know how to properly meet a new pet, be able to respond to any immediate needs for assistance or supplies and have ready information about local sights, where pets are as welcome as tourist. Many of the staffers in our hotel are trained in basic first-aid for dogs and cats. At the very least, the staff will know how to quickly reach a veterinarian should such services be needed.

A lot of people in India are starting a trend of Canine Cafe, where a person can go dine in with his/her pet. Give your views on the same.

In my opinion, it could be one of the main attractions of the cafe, with dog lovers coming to play with him. Pets in restaurants are a growing trend in the metros, a reflection of how close people feel to their pets these days. Pets are no longer to be kept strictly in their own spaces, but taken along where their owners go.

What do you think makes a good pet friendly hotel?

In my opinion a good pet friendly hotel must have a designated dog-walking area where pups do their business, so one should ask about that, and just make sure to clean up after you pup. Many international hotel chains now offer dog-walking services, doggy room service, and a host of other pet amenities.