Do you consider pets to be more than just animals? Do you consider grooming an essential aspect of their well-being? Then meet Ashita Mathew, Founder of Bangalore based Wags & Wiggles Pet Salon and Spa. The grooming expert shares some essential tips.

Interesting Tips for Pet Parents

  • All dogs love water and love to be pampered. If your dog doesn’t like a bath then it is not done in the right way! Always take your puppy to a groomer for their first bath. And take tips from them how to do it at home
  • Never hurt your dog while grooming, especially while cutting hair or clipping nails at home or at the veterinarian’s place, as they remember the bad experience. It’s a whole new process to undo the feeling
  • Always bathe the body of the dog first and his face at the end. This will make the dog more comfortable and less shaky
  • Use only tearless shampoos on the face of the dog; they are more comfortable with that

What is the latest from the world of grooming? Are there any emerging trends you would like to talk about?

Pet parents are becoming more and more aware about what is required for their dogs. They understand the importance of taking them to a professional grooming salon. Long haired dogs like Shih Tzus have become a sudden craze in India. People are not aware of the efforts required to groom and to keep the length of the hair. Puppy cuts have become a trend so that the dog doesn’t get knotted quickly and is also easy to maintain.

Tell us about your win at the recent grooming competition. What would you attribute it to?

Pune-based ABK Imports recently organised India’s first International Judges Association Sanctioned Pet Grooming Competition. ABK roped in 18 contestants from all over India and groomers came from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and all other cities. The judges flew in from Canada and Serbia.

It was a great experience to go to Pune for the competition. I was very sure I wouldn’t win and wanted to go just for the experience as I am one of the newer groomers in the country. I was in tears when they announced me as the winner for the first day. This win was very important for me personally. The best part was that the judges had tears in their eyes too when I got a bit emotional. This goes to show how all dog lovers are connected with each other from the heart.

It was even better when I went on to win the ‘Best in Show’ beating 18 other groomers from the country. It was a huge learning experience for all the participating groomers and made us understand where we stand internationally and how much more we need to do to get there.

Any interesting furry client stories you’d like to share?

All our client doggies know where our treats are kept. So after the grooming session, they stand in front of the cupboard demanding their share of treats! Most of them come in and know the whole procedure so they automatically jump on the table and ask to be pampered quickly!

RESPECT is our mantra. We give respect to both our human and doggy clients. This is given back to us tenfold!