Cats make very good companions – if you don’t have enough time for your pet by being at home; to take them for walks regularly or to give them attention every now and then.

Cats also show great companionship if they are in a pair. A single cat/ kitten, if left alone regularly without any human or pet contact, may live a stressful life. They need attention, and if not given, they may end up scratching everyone. Only a cat owner will know what special species they own. Everyone in their lifetime should own a cat, whether adopted or rescued.
So here’s the story of my little angels –
Jenny (a 15-months old female orange tabby crossbreed Persian cat) and Joyce (a 15.5 months old female dilute calico doll-face Persian cat).

I found her with a police inspector who got her at the age of just 34 days old and just after another day of her adoption, he got his visa and had to travel. As Jenny was very fragile at that time to even be taken outside the house, he put her up for adoption on OLX (Indian platform for selling and purchasing anything and everything) and one of my friends saw the advertisement about this little angel. That was the moment I asked for the advertisers address and went directly to their house where we had a little talk about me and my family. But I didn’t find Jenny anywhere in the house. After some time, I asked about the little kitty whom they called “Jimmy”. She couldn’t even walk at the age of just 34 days.
Their little son took Jenny from the gallery where she had a plastic bowl for food, another one for water and a little box filled with earthen sand for her litter. When I saw her for the first time, I asked her owners if she was ill. She wasn’t even moving, they said they couldn’t say anything as they got her just a day back and couldn’t keep her anymore.
The moment I heard this I decided that I would take her home and would give her the life that she deserves. I then took her in a cotton cloth and drove home with my friend Dhwani . She’s the one who helped me throughout while getting Jenny. And we are forever thankful. We got her home on 8th April 2017 at 8:30 PM.
The moment Jenny entered my flat (where I used to live on rent as a student, alone), she knew that it was her ‘forever home’. The same day around 9:00 PM we created an Instagram handle with her name. We had so much fun together and from that day on, I have never slept or woken up without her.

After getting Jenny for around a month, I felt worried about her as she started getting angry at everyone who visited her for the first time and didn’t let anyone touch or even talk to her. I then enquired with some of our Instagram friends – those who have owned cats for a long time.
According to them, Jenny needed someone to be at home, to play, talk, and do everything together with. Being a 21-year old engineering student I wasn’t able to be at home for 8 hours a day except on weekends and holidays. So I finally saved some bucks from my pocket money and decided to find a good partner for Jenny. That’s how I got Joyce. Joyce is a female Persian doll face cat but all that she likes is shirts, pants, balls and fights – that’s how she turned into our “meowboy”. We never call her “her”, it’s always “him” for Joyce. He is our son, and also our “sunshine”. Joyce was ill when I got him from a friend, full of fungal infection, her fur was falling to the floor and she weighed just 250gms at the age of 50 days. I worked hard to get her health back, skipped my college and also continued taking advice from many people online as well as various veterinarians. I finally found a doctor in Ahmedabad who was reviewed with five stars on Google and had an American degree as a feline specialist. We went there and got our Joyce’s health back after around two months of hard work, various medicines and mental stress to my little baby. He is the healthiest now and weighs five kg. Forever grateful.