Resources/Material used in an aquarium play an important role in growing plants. The Carbon dioxide, type of soil, lighting, fertilizers etc. should match the requirement of plants. Some plants require high amount of carbon, high light. Every plant has a specific requirement.

IIPTF, that promotes hobbyists and the pet industry, is the most popular pet-related event in Northern India. The motive of this event is to bring together experts from the pet industry; hobbyists and pet enthusiasts under a single roof. Pet shops, companies, trainers from around the country and abroad participate in the fair. Various quizzes, workshops and stalls are some of the main attractions of the event.
During IIPTF 2016, a new segment �AQUAGIC� was introduced. Aquagic is dedicated to aquarium keepers and the aquarium industry. The main aim behind Aquagic is to popularize aquarium keeping in the country, especially in Northern India. In the first edition of Aquagic, around thirty setups of different fishes were displayed. Thousands of visitors praised the initiative of starting this new segment at IIPTF.

IIPTF authorities decided to make it more interesting in the 2nd edition. They provided me with the opportunity to plan for a grand event. During the initial planning, we decided to promote the hobby as well as the industry.
The first segment of Aquagic is to display aquariums close to nature. There will be some beautiful planted aquariums to display the natural ecology of water bodies. Planted aquariums are setup to keep plants and fishes together. They are also helpful in reducing stress. There will be mountain planted aquascape with lots of greenery. The plants will be Hemianthus Callitrichoides and Mosses.

Another planted aquascape will be a forest aquascape with the help of driftwoods and rocks. Again, various kinds of aquatic plants will be used in the scape. All the planted aquariums will be world class, neat and clean.

There will also be a few Biotope aquariums. Biotope aquariums are the replica of natural habitat. Fishes and plants belong to a specific location or habitat. We will try to setup a biotope aquarium based on the lifeline of Delhi – Yamuna. The setup will have fishes, invertebrates and plants from the slow-moving river.

Another Biotope setup will be a �Black Water� setup to keep the most beautiful freshwater fish �Discus�. They belong to the Amazon River. We will also setup an African Cichlid biotope aquarium. Some popular African cichlids will be part of this aquarium. We will attempt to establish the replica of their natural habitat.

There will also be a gold fish aquarium to show how an average hobbyist can provide them ideal conditions. The Gold fish tank will be shown along with the biotope aquariums. Although Gold fishes are not found in natural habitats, I�ve seen how aquarium hobbyists keep Gold fishes in pathetic conditions due to lack of knowledge. We will try to establish an exemplary aquarium of Goldfishes.
Another attraction will be the community and solo aquariums. Sometimes, hobbyists purchase fishes/invertebrates which are not compatible with each other. Sometimes they mix the same size and temperament fishes, but they belong to different water parameters. This results in the death of fishes. We will show some perfect community aquariums. There will also be a few solo fish tanks. Some fishes show their best side in a �species aquarium�. There will also be single species aquariums.

Another motive of the exhibition is to educate hobbyists. To educate a hobbyist, we will organize some workshops, quizzes, a hardscape competition etc. There will be a live aquascaping workshop with well-known aquascaper Adip Sajjan Raj. He will show the technique of setting up a planted aquarium.

A Quiz competition will be a new addition to the event. Questions related to aquariums and fishes/invertebrates will be asked to visitors. There will be a gift for every right answer. The aquarists may test their knowledge and awareness.

There will be a �Hardscape Challenge� event in which aquascapers will create hardscape using woods and rocks. All the hardscaping material will be provided by Aquagic. Nominal charges will have to be paid to participate in the Hardscape Challenge event. We will arrange online registrations for the same. The winner of the event will get attractive gifts.

Another segment of Aquagic will be commercial activities. Well known companies will participate in the event. Visitors will get a chance to interact with the authorized dealers of these companies. Some well-known pet shops will also have their own stalls at the event.

There will be many more attractions for fish keepers. We look forward to a grand and successful event.

* The Author Rajiv Sharma is founder of online aquarium forum, an aquarium hobbyist and planted aquarium designer. email id:, Ph. 9958075234