In India, many people call themselves Dog Lovers and proudly own various pure breeds. But we believe that it is not a true dog lover if his love is not agape and equal for all the dogs. Here we are presenting a few Indian breeds that you must know about and rather adopt them because they are wonderful ompanions too. I remeber how one of the stary dogs used to walk along with me to my school, thinking of itself to be my bodyguard. I loved it as much as I loved my doberman and it had a special place in my house too. Since then, I was interested in knowing about the Indian breeds too.

Indian Dog Breeds are found everywhere in the country, from a village to the busiest streets of Indian cities, most popular of them is the Pariah Dog, found all over the continent. Other least known but famous dog breeds of India also include Pandikona, Kaikadi,Indian Spitz, Mahratta Greyhound, Vanjari Hound and Sinhala Hound.

Humans and dogs have co-existed since the beginning of civilization. Every settlement had dogs adept to its needs and climate. We have Indian Gods who carry Dogs as their pet. There are whiskeys named after our dogs! The sad part is that we are so busy flaunting and thinking of the foreign breeds as the best ones, that we end up ignoring our own local breeds. There are so many names on this list that most people might not have even heard of.

Pariah Dog

Those looking to adopt a guard dog that can double as a loyal canine friend, may think of breeds like the German shepherd, Boxer, Great Dane, Doberman. Allow us to introduce you to Pariah dog also known as the Pye Dog or In Dog. This can be the perfect pet with all the works. People often confuse every street dog with a Pariah. Many strays are a mixed breed, especially in cities where cross breeding with modern dogs takes place, such cross bred canines may be referred as mongrels but are not pure Pariah dogs.


The Chippiparai breed of dogs belongs to the Tamil Nadu region of South India. A few of them also reside in Kerela, around Periyar Lake. Chippiparai dogs are hunters; they are sight hounds which depend on their sense of sight and speed to spot, chase and kill the prey. Independent operators, Chippiparai dogs work swiftly and quietly and are great hunter dogs that can bring down even deer, wild boar and hare. It acts like a perfect watchdog- guarding its master’s abode with full devotion.

Indian Spitz

The Spitz is a small size dog breed and looks like Pomeranian dog. It is one of the most popular dogs in India, an extremely bright and active breed of dog.

It belongs to the utility type group of dogs. It is one of the most adaptive dogs that you can find in India.

Rampur Greyhound

A rare breed of dog created by the noble Maharajah in the north of India, several hundred years ago, the Rampur Greyhound is a cross between the English Greyhound and the Afghan Hound, or ‘Tazi’. A medium-sized sighthound, the Rampur Greyhound was traditionally admired for its speed and strength and used by the upper classes to hunt wild boar and jackals.

The superior vision of Rampur Greyhounds is one of their main attributes, and they use it to their advantage when out hunting. Typically affectionate towards their owners, they are known to be quite protective of them and are often reserved when meeting new people. Though, this aloofness can be combat through adequate socialisation, it would still be a One Master Dog.


The Rajapalayam is an elegant and fast sighthound, which was originally bred in Indian city called the Rajapalaya.It was occasionally used as a war dog, although its primal specialisations were the areas of hunting and guarding. Nowadays, this breed thrives in its primary roles in its homeland and remains barely known elsewhere in the world. It is more popular in Tamil Nadu and you can find it in almost every house there.


The Combai is a multi-purpose working dog native to Southern India, specifically the region of Tamil Nadu. Originally developed to hunt bear and other large and dangerous animals by the Indian royalty, in the recent centuries the breed has served mainly as a guard dog for farmers in rural areas. The Combai is among the most distinctive looking of all Indian hunting dogs due to a ridge of fur running down its back that grows in an opposite direction to what is found on the rest of the body. The Combai is now a very rare breed even in its native India, and most experts believe that it is on the verge of extinction. This breed is also known as the Indian Bear Hound, Indian Bear Dog, Tamil Bear Hound, Tamil Bear Dog.

Bakharwal Dog

The Bakarwal Dog is a very ancient breed of Himalayan dogs that are indigenous to the higher altitudes of the Jammu and Kashmir state of India. Very interestingly, these dogs are vegetarian, and avoid eating flesh. The Bakharwals have double coat, with the outer coat being average or long. They have a stout, sturdy stature, strong legs and a bushy tail. The head is large with bright, round eyes, hanging ears and a broad muzzle. These are also known as the Pahadi Kutta because of their predominance in the mountain regions.

Kumaon Mastiff

Kumaon Mastiff also known as Indian Mastiff is a working breed of dog from Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state. Indian or Kumaon Mastiff is a large breed dog with powerful head and a strong neck and great guarding ability. It is also known by the name of Cypro Kukkur. They are aggressive molosser dogs and need high amount of training.


Pandikona are hunting dogs found in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh state. The Pandikona are used for guarding,Hunting and very faithful and good with children. It is a type of Sighthound which is adaptive to harsh climatic conditions of the state it is mainly bred in.

Gaddi Kutta

Gaddi Kutta is a mountain dog found in Himalayas region of northern India,especially in three Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh,Uttarakhand, and Kashmir. It is a mastiff type dog, hefty in its appearance and with a lifespan of about ten years. Gaddi Kutta are also called as Indian Panther Hound,used by local shepherds to repulse Snow leopard attacks.

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound breed of dogs are used for hunting and guarding in and around Mudhol town of Karnataka. It is a type of Sighthound bred in a feathered type as well. This feathered type of Mudhol Hound is known as Pashmi. The Mudhol Hound breed is also known as Caravan Hound and In the villages it is known as the Karwani.

There are so many dogs that we have ignored till now. If you are a dog lover, spread more and more knowledge about the Indian breeds as well and do not let them become extinct species.

*Certified Professional Dog Trainer (USA), Founder at K9 Academy, Ahemadabad