We see that furry animals are popular among our human population and mostly, it is divided in two groups: The Dog Lovers and The Cat Lovers.

Yet, there are some true animal lovers, who do not care whether it is a dog or a cat or a rabbit! They want to know it all about them. This article is about some of the rarest species of cats, which might have existed at some point of time but are now just a mythical character and some that still exist with certain obvious mutations.

The Oregon Rex

This could have been an exotic spiecie, if it were allowed to keep as a pet.It is one of the several breeds of domestic cats with the Rex coat variation. Rex means King. It looks so royal, that it has been named so.In the mid-20th-century, it occurred from spontaneous genetic mutation. Wow! Does it not sound like a scene from the comic Ninja Turtles (applied on cats) come true? Anyway, by now, due to crossbreeding with other Rex types, this breed has mixed with pthers of its type, like theDevon Rex or Cornish Rex. The first documented case of an Oregon Rex cat is traced back to a litter of cats in the U.S. state of Oregon in 1955. Aspecific kitten differed from its siblings and its mother by having a curly coat, whereas the rest of themhad a straight fur.

Flat Headed Cat

As per the zoological records, it is a flat-headed cat, native to the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra; an endangered specie, because the wild population probably comprises fewer than 2,500 mature individuals, with small sub populations of no more than 250 adults. Most of these cats are inhabitants of wetlands, which are now being destroyed and converted-the very reason, that it is listed on the IUCN Red List since 2008.

It was initially placed in the genus- Felis, but is now considered one of the five best species in Prionailurus. Flat-headed cats are very rare in captivity, with fewer than 10 individuals, all kept in Malaysian and Thai zoos as recorded by Species360

The Mexican Hairless Cat

Surely it has been an exotic specie, but as a child I failed to keep it under the category of cats, because I could never fit it in my cognitive map of what we were taught of a Cat as a Child! It was not furry,it did not have a cute smile, was Not fluffy. So yes, you can see my obvious reasons for calling it a ‘scary weird thing’but not a cat. No Offence to those who like this cat. I was just a child. Anyway, now I appreciate its uniqueness. Aztec cat or the New Mexican Hairless, was a purported breed of cats, first documented in 1902 by Mr. E.J.Shinick, who owned a pair of hairless cats.

These cats were novelties at that time because of their lack of a coat (fur), although they grew light fur along the back and tail in winters. These cats also had long whiskers and eyebrows. Because they had no coat, they lost more body heat than the coated cats. This made them warm to touch, as well as heat-seeking. They are well documented in media reports in the early 20th Century. In 1902, a couple from New Mexico received two hairless cats from local Pueblo Indians. These were purportedly the last survivors of an ancient Aztec breed of cat.

The Sumxu, is a Chinese cat found with dropped down ears. This breed of cat is also given for its lop ears, such droop-eared cat or hanging-ear cat, referring to its characteristic feature of pendulous ears. It was considered to be rather mythical because of its features like long hair and lop ears. Now it is thought to be an extinct type ( if it ever actually existed). The descriptions are based on reports from travellers, on a live specimen reportedly taken to Hamburg by a sailor, and on a taxidermy specimen exhibited in Germany. The last reported Chinese lop-eared cat was in 1938. It is believed by some to have been a mutation similar to that found in the Scottish Fold. The name Sumxu, originally described the yellow-throated marten, but a series of mistranslations caused the name to be applied to the alleged cat or cat-like animal. The white lop-eared cat, was said to be found in a northern region of the country. Later authors, copying and translating from early natural histories, conflated the two unfamiliar animals. I wish, I could own one. I would have kept it like a Queen or a King!

The Chantilly Tiffany

Also known as the Chantilly or the Foreign Longhair, is a bold beautiful cat with a thick coat and stylish hair. You can take it to the parlour once a while and get its hair done in the image of whichever actress or actor you like. That is one thing I like about this cat- the numerous hair styles it can confidently carry. This breed originated in North America,has a semi-foreign body style and a full semi-long coat. The coat is silky, soft and smooth; the lack of undercoat usually makes grooming simpler than that of cats with an undercoat. It is slow to mature and usually does not come into its full stature until about two years old. The eye color of the feline intensifies with age. The Chantilly was thought extinct until the 1960s when two of these cats appeared during an estate sale.