Insights from an Indian company which is also an exporter of pet products globally. In a short talk with Mandeep Singh, we found out about their new division, which was created as a step towards the proliferation of the Indian Pet Market.

We have heard about your company Ek Tek Pharma. Recently we saw that you have started with a new division by
the name of All 4 Pets. We would like to know something more about it please.

As you know that Ek-Tek Pharma is a company based in Ludhiana, Punjab. It has been operating for almost two decades now, pan-India. There is a huge range of herbal and allopathic products that we have been marketing. It was purely out of passion for pets and business that I decided to bring about a new range of products. Everything has a saturation point, so if one does not want that point to be reached, new innovations should keep on coming. This division is not focused on just pet food, but on everything that your pets needs from medicines to accessories.

On your website it is written that you offer more than 2500 products, so out of them are there any such products which are in huge demand all through the year? Is there any specific reason behind the huge demand for those products?

Pet products are in demand all through the year. We cannot really comment on any particular product gaining popularity. People are becoming more interested in spending on their pets, be it medically, physically or palatably. Yes, there is a new interest that people are showing these days which is in apparel. Although, in Europe, it was common for us to attend this demand of pet clothing, but in India also, people are ordering for pet clothes.

What do you think about the medicines and vet services in India? Are they of international standard?

I remember those times when there was a Desi Ilaaj (Indian remedy) to anything and everything that a pet suffered from. If your dog bit you, apply some mustard oil with turmeric and red chilly powder; if you cow is physically bruised and bleeding, mix its own dung with some alum and apply it on the affected area! (that was gross). If your cat is not producing babies, tie a black and red thread around its neck! If your goat one fine day cannot stand up (because of some nutritional deficiency) take it as an omen.

Well, good that people moved away from such myths. Out of their compassion, youngsters moved to the field of veterinary medicine and kept on advancing with time and technology. Now is the era, when we have all sorts of medicinal remedies and therapies for pets. These are behavioural, homeopathic, allopathic and naturopathic. So, I can say that in comparison to what our medicines and veterinarian services were a few years ago, we are seeing that even Indian pet pharmaceutical companies are doing a good job in making medicines as do International producers. Hopefully, we shall soon catch up with international standards.

Do you export your products under the brand name All 4 Pets? What about your presence in India?

All 4 pets is a division that we have recently started. It will gain pace, but currently, all our brand products are exported mainly under our registered name Ek-Tek pharma. We have used the brand logo of All4Pets for a few products, though. We have a Pan India presence. Thanks to the support and love pf pet parents. We believe that as production and authenticity of pet products in India grows, we will also be able to take it to the global level as retailers.