The Doon welfare Organization, a voice for the voiceless is located on the foothills of the popular hillstation of Mussoorie, nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Dehradun. Founded by Milli Jagjot Kaur, an ardent animal lover the organization is a shelter home for all kinds of injured, abandoned and lost animals.
Kaur, a young and dynamic member of society who is known to have inspired many others to become part of her work, started rescuing strays at a tender age of 12 years. Well known to the city of Dehradun for her altruistic work with animals, Milli had to face numerous obstacles but never gave up her dream of setting up the Doon Animal Welfare as well as other initiatives to uplift both animals and humans in her hometown.

Milli was recently awarded the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award for Contribution to Society’ at the 5th International Conference on Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing, held at Jakarta, Indonesia in March this year.

Rough Beginnings: Milli displayed a profound sense of compassion for animals since a very young age. She was encouraged by her grandfather to bring in puppies from the street and care for them. Although, some community members disapproved of her actions, she did not give up. Milli started visiting a local animal home- Raahat Animal Shelter and Veterinary Hospital and sought professional guidance on taking proper care of animals. During her school years, she would spend most of her time rescuing and taking care of animals. After completing school, she started working at a hotel in Mussoorie where she often faced scorn for keeping too many stray dogs in the vicinity. Feeding the dogs on a daily basis put a lot of financial strain on her and at times she even took her wages in advance to help, relocate or rescue some of the dogs. This went on for almost two-and-a-half years after which she decided to dedicate her life to working for animals.

A dream comes true: In addition to the financial constraints, the existing shelter could only accommodate 50 dogs which wasn’t big enough to help address the growing number of animal related problems in the area. In 2016, Milli met Ashu Arora, who not only went on to become her life partner but also supported her organization. In 2017, her dream came true when Doon Animal Welfare finally became a registered NGO and acquired office space to continue the growing operation. The couple now works in the office as well as on the streets and has additional support of staff members, volunteers and a growing community of animal lovers.
Milli has also started other initiatives such as ‘Hands for Humanity’ to help the neglected and homeless
people on the streets and the ‘Free Medicine Bank’.

Doon Welfare Organization- 24 hour service to animals Milli and her organization are open 24 hours to help animals in need. They conduct rescue and search operations for various animals that are often hit by cars and other vehicles. They regularly organize adoption and free health check-up camps for animals in the area. On 29th of March 2019 they organized a charity program – ‘Opening of recovery center for street animals’ for the ill and injured animalsof Dehradun.
On 31st March 2019, Kaur also launched a shelter for ageing and injured cows. About 70 cows are likely to
undergo immediate treatment at the facility. The organization is also in the process of opening a free medical clinic for animals in the vicinity to provide timely aid to the injured and abandoned animals.
Milli believes that everybody deserves to live a happy and healthy life, which is true for both humans as well as animals. She has given up pursuing higher education and a paying job to take care of animals. Milli continues to work towards inspiring others and aspires to improve the standards of animal care and expand the operations of Doon Welfare Organization on a daily basis.

Asha Arora is the co-founder of Doon Welfare Organization and an ardent animal lover.