A big Woof to all the wonderful Humans out there reading about me.
My name is Popo and according to mom I am the world’s friendliest Pug. She feels I am really ‘pudgy’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean!!) … I guess she wants to say that I am incredibly cute and huggable (which is totally true).
I was born on 1st July 2010 and you can say that I’m the world’s most pampered boy!
I am crazy about my human family and we’re quite a funky lot. My human parents are Ekta and Ashish Bhalla and they love me to the moon and back. We grin and play and are wild, like untamed spirits wandering the planet.
I like befriending humans and they like my company as well. My Human siblings are Milind and Suryansh and we throw quite a ruckus around our house. I play fetch, peek-a-boo and catch with them. You can see numerous chewed toys lying around my house, but mom doesn’t seem to mind.

My Mom is totally nuts about me and I love her unconditionally. She is devoted to me and takes good care of me. She keeps me warm, feeds me my favourite treats and loves me like her own baby. Mum makes me feel like I’m the ultimate prize she won at the lotto!

Life is all about fun and frolic and you can say that I’ve been spoiled rotten. I see the world nose first- For me everything revolves around my nose- I can smell stuff from afar. Sometimes I feel I can see right through people, their emotions and their personalities. Well, it’s a dog thing. I guess we understand humans far better than they can ever know their own species.

My favourite pastime is sleeping and I really don’t mind the extra weight I’ve put on recently. I simply love my bathing and grooming sessions. They have established a special bond between mom and me. I feel cherished and loved. She even talks to me about anything and everything under the sun. Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn’t found my family where would I have been? This makes me sad.

Mon tells everybody that I was a god sent gift to her; that I’m her bundle of joy. I love to snuggle on her footwear and enjoy the long morning walks with her. We share a special connection. She is my favourite human on earth and I get anxious if she leaves me alone for too long.

My favourite toy is a blue coconut oil bottle. I found it lying around in mom’s room. I love playing with it. It keeps rolling under the bed and out onto the porch, but I keep chasing it until I’m tired. I love to run after birds and butterflies. It’s a pity I cannot fly. I bark away cats, rodents and spiders.

My favourite dish is chicken and rice and I drool at the sight of paneer (cottage cheese). Mom gives me my favourite treats and dresses me up. She bought this really cool tuxedo for me as she feels I am a thorough gentleman.

My favourite time of the day is when Mom and I sit together and she reads a story to me. I snuggle up to her and feel secure and carefree. When I look outside, I see numerous dogs abandoned by their parents or living on the street fighting for their mere survival on a daily basis. And I thank God that I’m not one of them.

I’m the celebration of all things doggo in this family that welcomed me when my previous owners left me with them while going on a vacation. Ever since, this has been my home.

We party, we play ….. We dig each other. I think I couldn’t have gotten any luckier. If life is a journey, I don’t want it to end coz right now I’m having the time of my life.