In the age of collaboration, Fresh for Paws has merged with Pawfect Pet Foods in an effort to reach  pet parents across the world. 

On one hand, Pawfect, a multiple award winning pet food company (PATS 2019, PATS 2021, World Foods Innovation Awards-2020, Nourish Award-2020) is globally acclaimed for being 100% natural in the truest sense. Srishti Bhatia Founder, Fresh For Paws caters to home-made, grain free, ready to eat pet food without any artificial ingredients and preservatives.  She feels merging with Pawfect Pet Foods is the right decision as both companies has similar missions and visions. 

Pawfect Pet Foods based out of Noida started in 2019 and since its inception has focused on the international market. Over 100 SKU strong Pawfect’s premium portfolio is currently available across fifteen nations from USA to Vietnam and is fast expanding its global presence of its highly differentiated range from freeze dried food & treats to first herbal tea & grain free cheese biscuits for dogs. 

Speaking about the merger, Srishti Bhatia, said, “The best part about joining the Pawfect family is that more core vision and product philosophy stays intact even as we look to expand our offerings nationwide as well as globally,” said Fresh for Paws founder Srishti Bhatia..” 

It will be interesting to watch the the partnership between Fresh For Paws and Pawfect Pet Foods.

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