Creature Companion, The Leading Indian Pet Care magazine started Aquagic concurrent to the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF) to promote the hobby and pet industry in India. The platform of IIPTF is open for pet care accessories manufacturers, sellers and hobbyists. The participants from abroad and India make it a mega show. The Aquarium display is curated by Rajiv Sharma, an aquarium hobbyist and the Founder of online acquarium forum

During the IIPTF 2016, a new segment ‘AQUAGIC’ was introduced. Aquagic is dedicated to aquarium keepers and aquarium industry. The main aim behind Aquagic is to popularise aquarium keeping in the country, especially in Northern India. In first edition of Aquagic around 30 setups of different fishes were displayed. Thousands of visitors praised the initiative of starting this new segment of IIPTF.
In first edition of ‘AQUAGIC’, most of the aquariums are just to show different kind of fishes. But in second edition, we also setup some beautiful planted aquariums and biotope aquariums. This was a grand show and praised by the visitors. Some quizzes and workshops were also organised.
This year we are again planning to show some lovely aquascapes including planted and biotope aquariums. The initial planning is to setup forest style and mountain style planted aquariums. There will also be a Black Water Biotope aquarium. Shrimp keeping is also popularising in Northern India, so there will also be a shrimp aquarium.

The main attraction of this year’s ‘AQUAGIC’ will be Paludariums and Terrariums. We will setup a paludarium using the natural mosses, Bromeliads, Cryptanthus, Anubias and ferns etc. Paludarium is a combination of land and water area. We can grow both terrestrial and aquatic plants in paludariums. A terrarium will be setup using the “Air Plants”. 

They are the easiest plants and need minimal care. Keeping “Air Plants” in terrariums is a new trend. They can be hanged any where in the home, can be put over table. Need only to spray after 2-3 days.

Adip Sajjan Raj from ADA India will also present a workshop on ‘Nature Aquariums’. This will be a great learning experience for aquarists and shopkeepers. There will be lots more to watch and experience in 3rd AQUAGIC 2019.