By Shahu Sardar*

Today almost everyone knows the benefits of having a pet… some would agree, some won’t. Especially, when we were locked up in our homes during the pandemic, people with pets had a great leisure time that helped them to be emotionally more calm and composed. But mostly when we talk about the benefits of having a pet, it’s generally assumed to be as a dog or a cat. But what if I say the aquariums you see at restaurants and hospitals or at the corporate buildings can have equal benefits? So is getting fishes as pets worth it? How can it help? That’s what this article is about: ‘7 reasons to have an aquarium at home‘ and if you are someone who is not able to decide… this article would surely help you decide the same.

#1 You got yourself new hobby added in your list

    Today, due to the fast social life and busy schedules, many of us don’t even have a hobby to follow. Have you been in a situation where you do have free time but don’t know what exactly to do? Most of us would start scrolling social media. But that doesn’t help it is just something to pass your time. But when you have a hobby to follow, you will have the leisure time of your own, doing something for personal pleasure. The aquarium hobby is one of the coolest and refreshing hobbies to follow. It brings you closer to nature and is a great choice for people who love being close to nature. All you need to do is trim your aquarium plants, reshape your fish tank, buy some new fish and change the water when needed. This helps you to have the satisfaction of doing something just for yourself. And that’s a lot better than consuming irrelevant content from social media.

    #2   One can get more productive

      Aquariums have calming effects on our minds. As mentioned in the above point, you get a hobby, a leisure time of your own where you could be just yourself. It provides you with a boost of motivation and productivity that is needed in our busy schedules. Having a fish tank in our workspace helps us to introduce positive energy and calmness that improves focus. And the soothing visual effects of the swimming fish have been scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects. Just a 5-minute glance at a fish tank has an impactful effect on our minds, especially if we are trying to work through an issue. Students who have small desk aquariums have reported the positive vibe, increase in focus and increased attention spans.

      #3 Sense of responsibility

        Owning a fish tank will also come with a responsibility to maintain it in the right way. Because it’s not just about enjoying the view, instead maintaining it is also a part of it. Especially for small children, a fish tank can induce a sense of responsibility. It helps them to be more conscious about their actions and the possible outcomes around them and helps them to understand some social skills. Assign them tasks related to the fish tank. Tell them how to look at signs for illness in the fish, give them a feeding schedule or ask for help when you clean the fish tank, take them to the pet store to choose a fish, and involve them as a part of this responsibility.   Thus, having a fish tank would surely help you give your child some valuable social lessons. 

        #4 It leads to scientific curiosity

          One of my favorites! Having an aquarium will truly help to induce a scientific curiosity in toddlers. So children with low attention span in reading would be benefited. Also, if your child shows interest in such concepts, fish tanks help them to dive deeper into the aspects of science. Many concepts of the science subject can be explained like how the fish breathe underwater, the water chemistry that is involved or even the nitrogen cycles that take place in a tank ecosystem, explaining this to them not only improves knowledge but also increases affinity towards science. 

          #5 It makes your heart happy!

            It has been scientifically proven that exposure to fish tanks helps calm down the heart rate. The visual simulation of fish swimming activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thus reducing the heart rate and blood pressure of the individual. It can lower times of hypertension, and anxiety attacks and thus a great way to keep your heart healthy. 

            Have you ever noticed aquariums in hospitals? The reason they are kept there is that aquariums have been known to radiate positive energy into the room they are kept in. Also, the calming effect of the noise of moving water and the swimming fishes can help to distract the attention from pain and anxiety and thus help to reduce it. Toddlers or senior citizens, everyone is captivated by the amazing view of an aquarium. 

            #6 It requires the least maintenance

              Maintenance is the first and foremost thing that every family considers while getting a pet. Every pet will always need maintenance, as they are dependent on us for food, health, and shelter. But looking at all pets’ fish tanks wins. As compared to Dogs, Cats, or rodent pets, fishes need the least maintenance. They don’t need any special attention like dogs or cats and won’t make a huge mess like rodent pets. Thus fishes are great for students, people living alone, or families who are not able to give much time to their pets. 

              #7 It makes the centerpiece of your room

                Fish tanks make a great centerpiece for any space. Be it your living room or the entrance. Fish tanks are also a great way to fill large empty spaces in a room. So an empty corner occupied by a beautiful aquarium would surely fill the room with positive energy. It can also be placed on work desks that would give you direct access to it while you study. A mini desk setup aquarium helps to maintain tension-free conditions while the fishes will be your study buddies.

                 *About Author: Author is an aquarium hobbyist and fishkeeping enthusiast from Pune. He has been in this hobby from the age of 10 and had really great time with fishkeeping. He also runs his own fishkeeping blog and aquarium service called the Aquanation, which provides free assistance to beginners in pursuing this hobby. He can be reached at 7774851593/

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