Let us introduce you to our adorable rescued Indie cat, ‘Meenu’, who transformed Gladys’ house into a beautiful ‘home’ full of love and affection. Gladys, Meenu’s parent, shares with us her magical and soulful experience of making Meenu an indispensable part of her family…

When and how did Meenu come in your life?  

We did not have any plans to have a pet but when my sister found three of those poor creatures, we knew we had to keep them. She was returning home from work on 19th November 2015 when she heard kittens crying. She followed their voices and saw a kindle of kittens; however, she could not find their mother. The sight was terrible – one kitten lying dead with ants all over her body and three other kittens crying in pain and hunger. Seeing their plight, she brought them home. They were less than a week old – two males and one female; we named them Whitey, Blacky, and Meenu. The challenge was that we had never taken care of such small kittens without their mother. We knew it would be difficult but we did our very best. We are so happy now that all three of them survived and are in excellent shape. We put them up for adoption when the kitties were 3 months old. Our boys got adopted by a very loving family and Meenu remained with us as our life and happiness.

What do you generally feed her?

We are very particular about her diet because she gets sick very soon if something doesn’t suit her body. Her vet recommended a diet of boiled fish or chicken with a pinch of salt and turmeric, which we feed her. Her favourite food is dry cat food that she loves munching on. We give her treats too for good behaviour.

How does Meenu like to spend time with you?

During day time, we play a lot together. Meenu does not need expensive toys but prefers playing with a crumpled piece of paper or plastic. She hops and jumps, kicks and runs behind it all day. She also likes to play ‘peekaboo’ at bedtime. She absolutely loves chasing a laser light. At night, we cuddle together and go to sleep. Meenu is also my alarm clock that wakes me up every day just before my alarm rings and then follows me wherever I go.

How do you take care of her grooming needs?

Meenu is a very clean cat who licks and grooms herself very well. We usually groom her at home with an occasional bath once a month. We comb her fur daily. Her short fur makes the job easier for us. We try to trim her nails when she is fast asleep as she tends to scratch herself but she rarely allows us to do it.

As Meenu is a rescued cat, was she able to adapt to your home environment easily? What measures did you take to make her feel comfortable?

She was very young when we rescued her so it was not very difficult for her to adjust. Her siblings were also with her so she was quite comfortable. We have always given her space and have provided her with multiple beds in different places so that she can get comfortable wherever she wants to. There are also places where she can hide if she senses danger. She is most comfortable sleeping on the bed that we have made for her with stuffed old clothes.

Do you take her along when you travel?

No. We ourselves do not travel a lot. If we do, we make sure that someone stays behind with her. Meenu is an indoor cat and she is not comfortable going outside. The multiple attempts that we have made to take her to a park have ended up with her hiding under the bed. She is scared of strangers and feels safe and secure at home. She enjoys the surroundings from balcony where she can watch people, birds, and other creatures from a distance.

Do you feel there is any gap between what you look for Meenu and what is available in the market? 

Very few products in the market are available for cats in terms of accessories. Normally, products for small dogs are used for cats. Meenu is not much fond of cat supplies and products available in the market as they tend to scratch and irritate her. So we make most of her accessories at home according to size using materials she is comfortable with. She loves wearing bandanas and dresses that we stitch for her.

Do you think brands are doing enough to promote responsible pet keeping along with their products?

Most of the products for cats and dogs are safe for them but even pet parents should see if the products are suitable for their pets. After buying the products too, pet parents should monitor their pets while playing with that particular toy or product. Companies do take utmost care to make sure that their products are safe and suitable for pets; however, unfortunate incidents do happen, which we can’t blame anyone for.

Any message you wish to convey to other pet parents.

Adopt, don’t shop!! There are many stray dogs and cats on streets and in adoption shelters whose lives are miserable. They need your help. Instead of buying expensive breeds of dogs and cats, you can simply rescue or adopt an animal. They provide as much love and support as a bred one. Also, the Indies are less likely to fall ill as they have already adapted to the environment and they are also low maintenance due to their short fur.

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