Let’s introduce you to our ‘Pet of the Month’, APPY – a golden tabby Siberian cat. With a cute round face, he is just a pawdorable gem for his mom Riddhi. She shares the interesting journey of raising her li’l furr ball with us. Excerpts…

When and how did Appy come in your life?  

On 7th September, 2018, my dad visited his friend’s home for some work, where he saw a small kitten trying to play. At that very moment, he fell in love with him and, when asked, he got to know that his friend’s cat had given birth to these kittens and they were up for adoption. On the same day, dad adopted him and Appy entered our lives like a blessing to our family with his cute little paws and eyes.

What do you generally feed him?

Appy has a fix diet. He is very choosy about his food. As he has underbite teeth, he is unable to self pick his food so I prefer feeding him myself. He mostly eats wet food than dry. He loves eating sweet and fresh grind coconut but in a very small quantity.

How does Appy like to spend time with u?

Appy is very much attached to all family members. He always wants us to communicate with him. He enjoys his evening walks with us. Appy expresses his love by kissing. He likes patting and rolls round to rub his tummy.

How do you take care of his grooming needs?

Grooming is done at home. We bath him once in 15 days, which is a very difficult task as he hates water. Since his coat is dense and long, combing hair twice a day is must to avoid knots. We brush his teeth and clean his eyes with warm water to remove stains.

What are Appy’s favourite playtime activities?

Appy loves to play with feathers and doesn’t like toys bought from shop; instead, he selects his toys from household items. He enjoys playing ‘hide and seek’ by sitting in shopping bags. We call Appy a ‘sports cat’ as he very well plays with thread roll; when the roll is thrown at him, he hits it like a ball with his paws like a tennis player. Sitting in bucket and playing with ball is his favourite hobby. He loves watching birds sitting on windows. Also, he loves listening kids rhymes and enjoys scratching sofa bed.

Do you take him along when you travel?

Appy always travels with us. He doesn’t like to stay away from us and we also don’t prefer to leave him alone. We use our own vehicle whenever we travel; Appy very comfortably sits in crate or basket throughout his journey.

What are your views on pets having their separate social media handles? Does Appy have any?

Yes, Appy has an account on Instagram. I feel, through social media, our pets get recognition in the huge family of pets around the globe, where we come across different breeds, get some feline advice, and are introduced to new pet products, which helps pet parents in some or the other way.

Do you like to participate in various contests conducted for pets?

Yes I do like to participate in various contests whether it is on Instagram or other Events. Appy is the Pet Fed India Official Mascot of Mumbai 2020. It was such an overwhelming moment to receive the trophy of mascot. However, at the same time, it feels disappointed and sad, when Appy is rejected in cat shows just because he has underbite teeth. In such cases, I feel it is injustice with pets.

Do you feel there is any gap between what you look for Appy and what is available in market?

True! There are a few brands that don’t suit Appy as he is a Siberian cat; there is no specific breed food available in the market. Also, there are limited options of food available for cats. I hope to see more varieties coming in future.

Summarize your bond with Appy.

Appy is very lovable, sensitive, loyal, and expects only cuddling and love all the time; he is very much attached to humans. One of the calmest pets I have ever seen is Appy, who is very peaceful, never gets angry, nor scratches anyone. We got him when he was a little baby and have watched him grow to a big furry cat. He keeps us entertained the whole day with his silly antics and we cannot imagine our lives without him. May god bless him always! LOVE YOU APPY!!!

Any message you wish to convey to other pet parents?

I would request all pet parents to contribute their bit to feed strays nearby. Do not abandon your pets for any reason. All pets are beautiful in their own way, so love them and accept them the way they are!!!

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