On January 15, 2023, aquapetz.com organized an Aquairst Meet in Delhi after a gap of three years. Before Corona, Aquarist Meet was organised on monthly basis. But the Pandemic era destroyed the social life.

We have been organising Aquarist Meets in Delhi/NCR since 2010. With time, online communities and talks converted into get-together. Friendship and relations came into existence.

The Meet started by 2:00 pm in the farm house of Kabeer Sharma. After informal introduction, Kabeer Sharma talked about the paludarium plants. He also showed us some plants growing in green house at his place. This was a new experience for all the aquarists. Aquarists asked many questions related to paludarium plants.

Our host has arranged tea and snacks for the meeting participants. The aquarists enjoyed tea with group discussions.

After tea break, another phase of talking on Planted Aquariums started. Some aquarists raise their questions on fertilizers and algae growth. Experienced and senior hobbyists shared their experience with newbies. Our host has also shown his beautiful corner of mossariums.

Gifts were sponsored by Bubble & Trouble, Aquario India (www.aquascaping.in and www.risingaqua.com). Calendars by Mr. Rachit (Aquatic Remedies) and Paludarium mosses by our host Mr. Kabeer Sharma.

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