Creature Companion had an interaction with M. Parthasarathy, Co-Founder and CEO Augie. He talks about the company’s plan to bring innovative products for pet parents.

To start with, I would like to know what Augie is allabout. What’s your vision and goal for the company? 

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Augie is an omnichannel pet store offering a wide range of innovative and quality pet care products to our prestigious pet owners. We design, develop, promote, and supply sustainable pet animal products and services, and Augie is an online and direct store. 

Our products are highly unique for pets, and our products include foods, food supplements, grooming, accessories, toys, etc., 

Augie has launched its website and customers can now purchase the products online. 

Our Vision is to create the most trusted company with sustainable pet products in all walks of our beloved pet’s life. 

Our goal is to become an innovative, customer-focused PET FOOD & SERVICES company that makes life amazing for pets.

What’s your background? How did the idea about a pet care company come to your mind? 

I have more than fourteen years of experience in project management in the petrochemical industry and handled multiple projects in India and globally, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Abu Dhabi. 

Since our parent company is animal nutrition and we have been in the market for more than twenty-seven years for poultry and cattle. As a nutritionist, we want to focus on indoor animals, so we have done the market study for the last two years and started a pet services company. 

The company was incorporated in 2021. Our prime focus will be to introduce new innovative quality pet products; therefore, we have brought some unique products to India.

As a comprehensive pet product company, you will have treats, food, toys, and accessories. How much of your products are manufactured in India, and how much is imported? 

Augie will provide end-to-end solutions with all types of products and services. Initially, we started with only imported products, within next two years we are planning to manufacture our products until we get a real trend of the customer needs.

How long has your portal been running, and how much business is it generating?Further, you had done an activity in anupmarket property of Bengaluru. What were you trying to achieve? 

We have been running our portal since December 2021, and we are happy with the initial response with 80% of SEO. Our actual business is expected from next financial year, and we are adding new product catalogs for all types of pets. 

We want to create a niche in the upmarket with highly valuable customized products and service solutions.

Can you tell us about the two unique products you have bought, which will be very healthy for pets and pet parents? 

The most common issue found among pets is ticks and fleas. We have imported Tag for dogs & cats, and the Tag is Holistic, chemical-free, risk-free, and hassle-free. This Tag helps to get rid of ticks and fleas from the pet body. Tags are available on our websites; it was launched two months back. Tag gets activated within twenty-seven days because it has electronic, magnetic waves from the pendant and the pet animalheart work together to create a bio-resonant field that repels parasites, and the protection period is five years. 

This reaction creates scalar waves. Due to the permanent contact of the Tag with the pet, and the movement of the pet, the scalar waves create a bio-resonant field that repels the parasites, which cause pets danger and discomfort. 

We have grooming brushes available on our website. The brushes are a unique method of not only getting cleansers and medications down through the coat to the skin, but it also provides a varied process of massaging the tissues underneath, which in turn stimulates blood movement, alleviates stiffness in muscle tissue when trauma is present and ultimately aids in healing the skin. These brushes are on healthy pets as they can provide a bonding experience, remove loose hair, and massage the muscle tissues without causing any injury to the skin’s lipid layers. 

Brushes are exclusive as it is not found anywhere in India, and they will work up to nine years. It is imported from Switzerland.

What are your goals for 2022 and 2023? 

In 2022, we plan to launch our first two Bengaluru stores, and further expansion will be done in phases. To launch ten stores across India, The offline stores will be well-designed pet shops with various eccentric products for pets and their parents.

Augie’s offline store will be the go-to place for all your pet-related needs for your furry friends!

Is there anything you would like to share regarding your future plans for your company? 

I want to reiterate our product formulations are designed by experienced professionals providing well-balanced and simple holistic food, addressing the daily needs. The nutrition needs for the pets vary with season, age, and breed. Our food is manufactured while keeping all those factors in mind to provide the best nutrition for pets. Our service is very much customer-oriented. Customizing the products according to needs helped our parent company position itself as an innovative nutritional solutions provider in animal nutrition. 

We have already secured the resources needed for manufacturing in the Krishnagiri Dist. Of Tamil Nadu.

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