By Sonakshi Tyagi

My former dog Simba was the light of our lives. He was the friendliest and most well behaved dog known to mankind, I assure you. He made his surroundings happy beyond words. When he passed away, my family was devastated and did not know how to cope with the loss. We took some time to recover, which never fully happens in this case. Our whole house felt empty for the longest time and we did not want to rush into filling the void quickly. We took our time to adjust and somewhere down the line, we stopped smiling as much as we used to. As months passed, we found ourselves in a place where we wanted a new addition in the family.

Our old dog will have a space of his own and nothing will change that. We did not want a replacement but a member with their own space and that’s where Bageera came into the picture. Bageera, another Labrador, black in colour, more mischievous than most dogs but an absolute delight to have. is the newest member in my family unit.

He is growing and becoming jumpier than usual and loves to make the whole house run after him. The rucus, love, and business is what has brought my family back to life. He has restored the joy in our lives and every second with him is an absolute ride. I miss him even when I go out for a short while and I love coming home to the cutest pup ever. Bageera is full of life and he never fails to teach that to my family too. I missed most of Simba’s growth as I went away from college. Now that I am back,  I am learning things I missed out on in my prior experience and I feel more grateful than ever to witness Bageera growing up. My brother recently left for college and my dog came through with an emotional support rescue tool-belt.

He came in as the tiniest little pup always running around food, and being in his own little world while actively letting us in. He barks the entire night and we have learned to adapt to his nocturnal routine. He jumps around at the sight of a new friend and loves to scratch people. That is his unique love language. A foodie through and through, Bageera’s mischief is one for the books. I am both irritated and in awe of him at the same time and that’s when you know you have a dog at home who is family

Bageera is my best friend and I love how my days have drastically changes with the entry of this wonder dog!

* Sonakshi Tyagi is a cinephile who loves dogs and finds meaning in companionship.


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