July 2019, a close family friend from another city asked me to look for a black frenchie (French Bulldog). After much research i found a frenchie litter and spotted Benny, it was love at first sight. After the approval of my family members, I brought home a cute looking healthy black frenchie pup. It was decided that i would take care of the pup for a few days and then Benny would be taken away.

Unfortunately Benny fell sick after 3/4 days and was running high fever, hence the vet disapproved of his travelling and warned that it could be life threatening. He needed the best care and medical attention. Most importantly he needed a mother. Somewhere in my prayers for his good health I asked God to let Benny to stay with me. God answered my prayers.

Benny fully recovered. The family friend whom Benny was for, did not want to take him from me sensing  the attachment between us. Honestly, i did show some reluctance because my family was not supportive of having a pet but at heart I was thanking God and was super excited. I managed to convince my husband and kids promising that I would take full responsibility.

Benny came and my family got extended . Today, Benny is lovingly taken care of by each member of our family. With his unconditional love he won the hearts of everyone and became our all time favourite.

As a responsible pet parent I make sure to feed Benny a healthy and balanced diet . His diet mainly consists of fresh vegetables and fruits  like carrots, broccoli, juicy apple, watermelon (seedless) small quantities of banana and papaya. He is very fond of idlis. We give him chapati, rice with curd and  pumpkin.

Being a vegetarian family I make sure to feed him paneer too.

And off course biscuits & treats is a must for partying.

Well, he is a lazy bum, in the mornings he wakes up as I wake up.

His morning routine is greeting everyone and to to announce that he is awake.

Has two biscuits with Mom when she has her morning tea. (can’t miss this one )

Then it is time to get fresh and walk around 25-30 mins.

Usually, Benny sleeps after his walk till afternoon. Wakes up for lunch and expects the entire family to be available to pamper him and play with him.

 It is park time around 6pm. (not daily) or another round of walk Then it’s pamper & play time till and end up the day with dinner and a round of treats He sleeps at night around 10ish ..

Benny completes my family.

My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.

I started designing bandanas and other fashion accessories for Benny. My friends loved them thus my business venture inspired by Benny kicked off. I want to style up maximum number of furry babies.

I launched Benny’s Pet Accessories. I create all accessories keeping in mind that its for ‘my baby’; each article is created with immense love and warmth.

Today Benny’s pet fashion accessories is available in most stores.

Thanks to Benny .. my inspiration my love .

Besides having his own brand, Benny models for few renowned pet brands.


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