Mumbai’s bustling streets hide a remarkable tale of love and loyalty between individuals. Meet the Patel family, whose lives were forever altered when Chotu, an Indian Pariah Dog, entered their lives. From scavenging food scraps for scraps to sleeping under their beds every night, Chotu quickly became more than just a pet: He became part of their family unit, representing the resilience and loyalty that is inherent to India’s native breeds of canines.

Indian families enjoy strong bonds with their indigenous canine companions, including dog breeds indigenous to our subcontinent. Indian native breeds represent rich heritage while adapting well to our varied climate and landscapes, yet unfortunately, many face neglect or discrimination due to society’s penchant for foreign pedigrees.

In this post, we embark on an adventure to recognise and highlight one of India’s unsung heroes–its native dog breeds. By exploring various categories of “perfect” Indian dog breeds, we hope to show their unique suitability for India’s climate and lifestyle. These dogs embody India and deserve praise for their unwavering loyalty and companionship; join us as we unveil some of the top Indian breeds!

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Breeds for Every Family

1. Indian Pariah Dog:

The Indian Pariah Dog is unique in many hearts as India’s original canine companion. Famed for their adaptability, this breed thrives in diverse environments, from city streets to rural landscapes, with minimal upkeep needs and disease resistance, making them great household companions. Even with humble beginnings, Indian Pariah Dogs display incredible intelligence and trainability, allowing them to act as watchdogs and loving family pets, providing security while offering companionship.

2. Rajapalayam:

With their majestic bearing and athletic build, the Rajapalayam exudes elegance and strength. Hailing from Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu, this breed is revered for their devotion and faithfulness towards their family and strong territorial nature, providing vigilant protectors of homesteads and farms they guard. While grooming needs for this breed tend to be relatively minimal compared to others, regular brushing of their short coat should ensure they continue looking their best.

3. Indian Spitz:

The Indian Spitz has long been a beloved companion to families with young children. Renowned for their alert nature and loyal nature, Indian Spitz dogs make excellent watchdogs – alerting owners of any potential threats, such as strangers. Although regular grooming sessions will keep their fluffy coat in tip-top condition, their loving disposition and loyalty make up for it! It is essential to differentiate an Indian Spitz from a Pomeranian as the former tends to be larger with distinct features despite sharing similar roots.

4. Mudhol Hound:

The Mudhol Hound (commonly referred to as Caravan Hound) embodies athleticism, grace, and loyalty. Bred for hunting purposes, this agile and energetic breed thrives in active households with plenty of room to roam and exercise. They make affectionate companions as well as formidable protectors. While regular exercise will keep their minds and bodies stimulated, their intelligence makes training them relatively straightforward.

Loyal Protectors: Best Watchdogs for Indian Homes 

Watchdogs play an essential role in Indian households, offering their families security and peace of mind. With increasing concerns for safety and protection, breeds known for their guarding instincts have become highly valued additions in homes all across India.

1. Rampur Greyhound:

The Rampur Greyhound has quickly gained prominence among dog enthusiasts thanks to its striking size, strength, and natural guarding instincts. Originating in the Rampur region in Northern India, this breed makes an excellent guarding partner. Its strong presence deters potential intruders. Although naturally protective by nature, early training and socialisation are crucial to channelling those instincts effectively while remaining responsive and obedient under command.

2. Kanni: 

This breed, known for its alertness, agility, and territorial nature, is ideal for smaller homes and apartments. Hailing from southern India, Kannis are known for being extremely loyal family dogs who remain vigilant guardians over their territory. However, low maintenance regarding grooming requirements and proper training from an early age is essential in harnessing protective instincts and preventing behavioural issues that might arise later on.

Beyond Breeds: Choosing the Perfect Companion

Although certain breeds offer specific traits, when selecting a canine companion for yourself and your family, it’s essential to consider other factors besides breed alone.

Before choosing your ideal dog breed, carefully assess your lifestyle. Are you an active outdoor adventurer or prefer apartment living? Consider which option would work better with you and evaluate based on these criteria.

Consider your family situation, such as whether children are present and any potential allergies, to ensure compatibility and safety for everyone in your household.

Recognise the time commitment needed to care for a dog, including daily exercise, training sessions and grooming needs. Ensure you can devote enough resources and time to meet its physical and emotional needs.

Prioritise responsible pet ownership by adopting from shelters or rescues. Shelter dogs need loving homes, too, and adoption offers the chance to give one of these worthy pups another chance while simultaneously relieving overcrowded shelters of some strain.

Focusing on these factors and practising responsible ownership will create an enduring relationship with your chosen canine companion.


In conclusion, Indian dog breeds are remarkable companions, embodying loyalty, intelligence, and adaptability. Before welcoming a dog into your home, it’s crucial to consider factors such as lifestyle, family situation, and time commitment. Making an informed decision can ensure a fulfilling relationship with your canine companion. Visit Creature Companion for valuable pet care resources or connect with local shelters/breeders to explore the diverse world of Indian dog breeds. Let’s celebrate and support these fantastic companions who enrich our lives in countless ways.

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