The love bonding between a Pet and its Parent reminds me of the old saying ‘ You may have many friends, but your pet has only one’.  

On Jan 23, we participated in a two-day Pet Fest Show and that experience changed my entire perception of the Pet Care Industry. Having spent close to three decades in the physical safety industry, I was simply in awe of the love bonding between the pet and its parents. While strolling through the various stalls, I did not find any stalls offering Pet Safety Solutions. In my view, pet bonding could never be complete if there are no safety measures to protect pets from getting lost, hence we launched India’s first Pet Safety Services called – Captain India.

Captain India offers a Pet Safety ecosystem that greatly enhances pet safety with an array of hardware, software, and a 24/7 pet safety station which is our biggest USP. We offer ‘ Find My Pet’ services for locating missing pets once the pet parent notifies it as Pet Missing on the Captain India Application. The 24/7 Safety Command Station works relentlessly to reunite the missing pet with the Pet Parent.

Our hardware portfolio includes NFC Silicon QRTags, NFC QR Tags, GPS Trackers, and CCTV Cameras. Our software feature allows the pet parent to keep all of their pet’s important information in one place, such as their medical history, vaccination records, and contact information of their veterinarian. Having this information readily available can be invaluable in case of an emergency. Plus in our What’s Nearby services, pet parents can locate Vets, Pet Stores. Pet Cafes, etc pan India.

News Board and 24/ 7 customer support greatly enhance pet safety by providing pet owners with the tools and information they need to keep their pets happy, healthy, and secure.

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