~ Powerhouse pet care brand launches new pupcake mix and announces new campaign~

30th September 2021, Bangalore: Captain Zack, renowned pet care and hygiene brand celebrates their 4th anniversary by unveiling a new campaign and launching a special pup cake mix. Captain Zack started as a pet hygiene brand and transitioned into a holistic pet care brand that specializes in creating nasty chemical free, pH balanced, safe and ISO certified products. They are the first brand in India with veterinary licensed products to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy.

Captain Zack, is also unveiling their DIY pupcake mix, to mark their 4th year anniversary. The new line of cake mixes are designed and created especially for canines. These easy to make ready mix pupcake mixes come in two interesting flavours; Banana Le Crunch – with banana, peanut and oats and Oats De Chicken – with Chicken and crunchy oats; they are gluten and dairy free and are made with all fresh, preservative free and natural human grade ingredients. This nutritious pupcake premix will be available in all their online stores and retail outlets. 

Mohit Lalvani, CEO & Founder of Captain Zack says, “When we first started Captain Zack, we had no idea we would come so far, it was something we did to relieve our own little furry friend, Zack. We are so thrilled to have been able to help pet parents find safe and healthy alternatives to improve the lives of their pets using our products, it only seemed fitting to celebrate our 4th anniversary with a pupcake mix, to mark our 4th successful year we are also running exciting offers and discounts on our products as a means to thank our loyal patrons, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. We are dedicated not only in furthering the care of pets safely and organically but also empowering pet parents and enabling them to make better and healthier lifestyle choices for their four-legged friend.”

The accompanying campaign ‘Behind every healthy pet is a proud parent’, highlights how a pet parent can take pride every time the world stops to admire their fur baby, through this campaign Captain Zack wants to further solidify their commitment towards our pets having longer, healthier lives via their safe, cruelty free and best in class products. The brand wants to communicate to their patrons and all animal lovers that as pet parents they are the sole decision makers for their pets and choosing Captain Zack as their pet care partner they are moving one step closer towards building a longer and healthier life for their furry friends.

Dr. Cooper, Head Vet and Small Animal Veterinarian & Dean of The University of Barkley, says “The team at Captain Zack is committed to providing quality care for your pets with our products. All our products are clinically tested on sensitive human skin, are paraben free and do not have any harsh chemical content. Our vision is to provide the safest care for our four-legged babies and empower pet parents, this campaign is a way to highlight that and reinforce our mission statement.”

Leena Mukhi, Director Pet Care who is also the person behind the research and development at Captain Zack shares “We at Captain Zack have always been at the forefront and continue to remain focussed on safe pet care and healthy pets. This pandemic has given us a lot of time to introspect and innovate for the future. One such exciting launch is the gluten free cake premix, formulated to be fun but keeping in mind the nutritional benefits.”

The campaign and launch of the pupcake mix are just the beginning of many more things to come for Captain Zack. They are steadily expanding and growing and making a meaningful impact on the pet health landscape. The ‘Behind every healthy pet is a proud parent’ campaign is a shining example of what Captain Zack means when they say that they not only care about your pets but about pet parents too and are actively working towards empowering pet parents to make conscious decisions for their pets.

About Captain Zack:

Captain Zack was conceived in 2016 when Owner & Founder, Mohit Lalvani was unable to find a good shampoo and conditioner for his beautiful pup Zack who had sensitive skin. Mohit a seasoned entrepreneur put his 3 decade long personal care and pharma experience to use which led him to formulate a non-irritant, gentle and pH balanced shampoo for his puppy Zack. Ecstatic from the success Mohit decided to build a brand that will be a catalyst towards solving these problems for other pets and pet parents. Captain Zack is also closely associated with the ‘We Love Animals’ foundation and donates part of their profits to the organisation. Captain Zack also runs a program called ‘The University of Barkley’ dedicated towards educating pet parents on pet care, pet health and ensure pet parents have all the tools they need to raise a happy, healthy and content fur baby.

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