~The Premium Pet Care brand now ventures into the pet habitat space~

Mumbai, 3 November 2021: Captain Zack has launched a functional, stylish, comfortable and one-its-kind bed with Nanowash technology range of Pet Beds – “Dream Bedzzz”. Now, you too can rest easy knowing that the bed’s fabric is dirt, dust and water repellent. Suitable for all breeds, these beds come in 7 colours and all size variations. Known for being a premium pet care and hygiene brand, Captain Zack has now ventured into the pet habitat segment making them an all-round pet wellness brand. The beds are so cozy that patrons would happily sleep on them themselves, if the bed was big enough. The perfect place to snuggle up in, it’s most definitely a paradise for pets. 

Despite their reputation for exuberant tail-wagging and energetic fetching, dogs need a lot of rest and good sleep which is why the brand turned to pet experts to design the beds, so as to provide a sense of safety & comfort. The Beds are made of fabric that feel light and easy on the pet’s skin. It uses a unique WDR Nanowashtechnology which helps in repelling water, dirt and dust, keeping them bacteria, stain and odour- free. It is easy to dismantle, wash and is travel friendly. Designed to give your pet a healthy refreshing sleep! 

Because a pet that sleeps healthy, stays healthy! 

Mohit Lalvani, CEO & Founder of Captain Zack says, “Pet beds are underrated and underused. Beds play a key role to support your petto get a good night sleep, or just a small nap. Make sure that your pet has a comfortable bed. If your pet is restless, it’s well worth reviewing their comfort. Inspect their sleeping area carefully and ask yourself; would you sleep on it yourself?A pet that sleeps well, feels well and we aim in furthering that with our “Dream Bedzzz” collection. Finally, a dream come true for you and your doggos” 

Captain Zack once again lives up to its commitment of providing products that ensure good health for your pets. The time has come for you to gift your loyal pooch the perfect bed, and there’s nothing that says tuck in and sweet dreams like a comfortable “Captain Zack Dream Bedzzz”, your furry friend’s favorite new snuggle spot. So, pet parents, don’t get jealous if your dog spends more time on this bed than your lap.

About Captain Zack:

Captain Zack was conceived in 2016 when Owner & Founder, Mohit Lalvani was unable to find a good shampoo and conditioner for his beautiful pup Zack who had sensitive skin. Mohit a seasoned entrepreneur put his 3 decade long personal care and pharma experience to use which led him to formulate a non-irritant, gentle and pH balanced shampoo for his puppy Zack. Ecstatic from the success Mohit decided to build a brand that will be a catalyst towards solving these problems for other pets and pet parents.Captain Zack is also closely associated with the ‘We Love Animals’ foundation and donates part of their profits to the organization. 

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