Here’s our ‘Pet of the Month’ Chulbul – a wonderful surprise that Bhavya got on her birthday. She can’t forget that day when this little wonder came in her life and made her complete. Chulbul truly lives up to his name – playful, exuberant, high-spirited, and mischievous – these are a few of his personality traits. Let’s know more about him from his mommy, Bhavya…

Do you believe in wonders??? I do. Why?? Because I have my personal handsome furry wonder… named Chulbul, a creamy Labrador.

He entered my life as a birthday gift by my husband. On that day, he was wearing a beautiful red ribbon and was delicately wrapped in a pink towel. An adorable innocent face with shiny eyes was waiting to be loved and cared. His innocent head tilts and overloaded cuteness bowled me over and I broke into tears. On that day, I realized the real meaning of ‘tears of joy.’ 

Within no time, he became my Alpha and I turned his Charlie. Have you ever met a person who has qualities like dedication, patience, innocence, loyalty, and endless commitment? Well, my Chulbul has them all. And you know what he expects in return? A few belly rubs, love filled hugs, and some treats!!!

 Sometimes people ask me why I named him Chulbul. If you are thinking that it is connected with Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan of Dabangg), then you are mistaken.  He got his name because of his behavioural attitude. He is super naughty, always playful, and most importantly never tired… yes I am serious, he can play any time, the only thing needed is your one percent movement. 

My little baby brought fun and enjoyment to our lives, especially mine. When I go out, he acts like I left him for days. He goes wherever I go! It does not matter what he’s doing. I always take him out with me as he is fond of taking car rides. And yes…. The front seat is always reserved for Chulbul without considering the presence of others in the car, as he does not like sitting at the back. If I move, he moves. If I dance, he dances. If I eat, he eats.  It’s too cute to handle sometimes! Whenever I return home from my workplace, I see him waiting for me at the gate. And the strange thing is he knows my smell even if I am far from him. I must add… he also waits for me outside the washroom as the word ‘privacy’ does not exists in his dictionary. Chulbul has a magic wand too; if I have mood swings, he simply wags his tail and starts licking my face, and with this everything gets sorted.

I don’t have kids and moreover, I don’t feel like having them as I have my son, my Chulbul. He is growing day by day and so is our love.

 If someone who has taught me what true love is, it is Chulbul! He gave me lessons in forgiveness and patience. Above all, he taught me what it meant to be a parent. It is difficult to say if it is I who has raised Chulbul or he who has raised me as a person.

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