The Combai is a very ancient breed of dog, used in hunting as early as the 9th century B.C., when the Maravar kings held sway over South India.

 Size: Large

Efforts: Heavy exercise and firm training

Shedding: Negligible

Monthly Keeping Cost: Premium- 8,000 / Standard- 2,500

 The Combai Boarhound is a native breed of Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state. It looks similar to some of the Indian Pariah Dogs but regarded as stockier. The breed has short-haired coats that come in tan or red brown with a black muzzle. Also, a Combai Boarhound can have a small amount of black colouring on its feet and ears and a dark colouring along its back. Combai Boarhound has ears that are pendant shaped, folding over to the front in a V-shape with powerful jaws. It has white chest with supporting base common colours of tan, red or brown with a black muzzle.

The Combai is an ancient purebred dog that can be traced back to the 15th century. Presently, the breed is only limited to a particular area of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and in a few kennels. Combai has the history of a true ‘Guard Dog. They were extensively used by the Royals, as well as the common people for hunting medium to large size animals. Some of the experts believe that Combai was even used to guard people’s cattle against wild animals. Also, gradually, the dog began to work as a guardian to homesteads and farmhouses against trespassers.

Some common character traits of Combais include alertness, attentiveness, strength, and bravery. This breed of dog is a very agile dog that is full of drive. Although Indian Bear Dogs have a very great will-to-please, this breed is not necessary for beginners. Although Combais are very strong, persistent and fast, they are also very intelligent and absolutely sensitive.

It is highly recommended to attend a dog training school while the dog is still a puppy. Towards intruders, the Combais can also be aggressive. This breed must be well socialised from an early age in order to be well compatible with other four-legged friends.

Combais were bred as hunting dogs and therefore have a strong hunting instinct. These breeds are generally not suitable for free running. They feel comfortable in a house with open spaces like a garden. It is important that you have an escape-proof garden, because the hunting instinct can always trigger these quadrupeds and Combais can jump quite high.

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