The Green Almond-Shaped, Black Kohl-Lined Eyes With A Bump On Her Pink Nose, Her Aura Is Different.

By Naaz Shaikh*

I found Cookie on a pleasant evening, 21st Day of Jan 2018, when she was just 2 months old. I had some work with my tailor and found a cat, just meowing, looking at the tailor. She had this sweet melodious voice calling out for food. The tailor didn’t respond and kicked her. This incident changed my perspective towards strays. I picked her up and provided her some food. However, she didn’t leave me at all. I searched for her mother or siblings nearby but couldn’t find any. At that very moment, I thought of adopting her. I didn’t think about how my parents are going to react.

Animals at our place were not allowed from the beginning. I managed to keep her in a basket for a few weeks, and she was so intuitive that she didn’t make any noise. I introduced her gradually to my parents and younger sister. I told them that she is my friend’s cat and will be there with us for a few days. They agreed to the same. After a few weeks, humans at my place got attached to her. The only reason my parents accepted her – because she was different and unique from the rest. Cookie never made any loud noises. She never disturbed us at night while sleeping. She never came in greed of having our food. She very well knew that her plates, her food is different from ours.

I named her ‘Cookie’ because of the coat colour and also that coo game of hide and seek. From Cookie to Coco, the journey was amazing!

Initially, when I  took her to various Cat contests, she wasn’t treated equally. All the breed cats used to get awarded for their different features. We went a step further by challenging judges of various events and asked question on the biases. They gradually took time to understand that we are not craving awards, we want recognition of Indie Cats. To be frank, Indian Cats (Indie Mau) are not even recognized as a breed worldwide. I never had the idea of increasing her followers on social media. The main concept is to promote Indian cats similar to other breed cats. Indie Mau cats are more playful and active. I understand it’ll take time, however, I would urge one and all reading this article to adopt atleast one stray along with your breed animals. Today is the day when Cookie stands tall amongst all breed cats and one of the popular cats in India. She has been rewarded with lots of awards and medals. Our house is filled up with the same.

Cookie is now very close to us. She always refrains from going out. Whenever there is a ring on the door, she is the first one to run, unfortunately, she cannot open it. However, she greets all our guests and starts playing. Cookie is very selective about her food. She loves treats and dry food. Also, her favourites include Tuna, Mackrel, and Prawns. Cookie has her wardrobe full of her beautiful designer wear, some custom-made, and also her toys. She jumps playing with the string and her favourite is a paper ball.

She’s never let us down; with her charm, the grace she melted all hearts. Her beautiful eyes attracted so many. She is a playful cat, puts all her energy. She won so many contests making us proud of her medals more than mine. She is very lucky for us. All the bad things were changed into good after she entered our lives. She is treated like a baby, not as a furry pet. Without saying, She rules us, v don’t! This is Cookie – a cat so disciplined yet playful; so naughty yet beautiful; so dominating yet full of innocence; full of attitude yet a beautiful soul! You can’t resist but love her.

Her Insta ID is Cookiee_theindiecat, do follow for her playful videos.

* Author is an artistic creative person and has been kind and full of love since childhood. She has helped all elderly from her teenage and gradually she developed this immense love for animals. She treats and provides food to many strays. Cookie is her first adopted fur child and is not less than her child. Cookie is her inspiration, who reminds her that there are a lot of strays that still don’t have their forever homes.

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