Our furry friends provide us with comfort, happiness, loyalty, and a lot of love, without asking anything in return. Taking action to provide them with the best care makes it more important for us. Our first step is to provide them with a safe environment at home, especially on the floor where they spend most of their quality time. The floor at your home is the ultimate fun spot for your pets. From rolling over to ask for belly rubs to chasing around their favorite toys, they are almost always in contact with the floor. Therefore, we must ensure that the floors are safe for and clean for them.

What might be suitable for us might not be suitable for our pets. Studies have shown that several chemicals usually used in floor cleaners such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine, benzalkonium chloride and other chemicals added for fragrance can be significantly harmful to our pets. So, you might be wondering, how do I make sure my pet is safe from all these harmful chemicals while also achieving the desired germ protection and long-lasting fragrance? The answer might be as simple as using a floor cleaner that has 100% natural action* and provides 99.9% germ protection* like ITC Nimyle.

Parent Of Popular influencer Oscarnkarma says, “I strongly advocate using natural floor cleaner because pets easily can catch allergies or redness. A lot of pet parents don’t find a solution to this problem at the early stage. However, one way to completely stop its inception would be to pay attention to the floor cleaners one uses as pets spend a majority amount of time on floors. Using a floor cleaner infused with neem like ITC Nimyle is a safe option as neem is completely pet-friendly and can clean the house effortlessly”.

Since ancient times, neem has been trusted for its superior cleaning properties and natural fragrance. The goodness of Neem is the reason why you should choose a neem-based, natural floor cleaner, such as ITC Nimyle, to keep your floors clean and safe for your pets. ITC Nimyle is readily biodegradable, ecofriendly, and void of harmful chemicals like chlorine, bleach, parabens, sulphates, phosphates and quats. Switching to ITC Nimyle, which is also a recommended brand by World Neem Organization is the best choice to ensure your floors are safe and ready to be the ideal playground for your adorable pets.

Listed below are some other ways to make a safer and enjoyable space for you pets:

Pet Proofing your Home: Having a pet is no different from having a child. It is important to make sure that you tie all lose ends to ensure their safety. Declutter and clean out all potentially harmful objects in your home so that your pets can run freely around your home.

Toy, games, and joy: Much like we take care of our favorite things, it is important for us to take care of our pet’s prized possessions as well; we are referring to their toys of course! Pay a careful consideration to your pet’s playthings and make sure they are regularly sanitized. Since they usually interact with all objects with their mouths it is important to ensure that everything, they interact with is cleaned and safe for them to play with.

Fun floor games: We cherish spending quality time with our pets. We can now make the time we spend with them much more fun by playing floor games like treasure hunt or hide-and-seek. This will keep them active and result in a great bonding session with your pet. You only need to ensure your floors are clean and safe for them to play around. 

Keeping our pets safe just as much inside as you keep them outdoors is our top priority. After all, they are our best friends.

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