Enjoy the freshness of Neem in every corner of your home with ITC Nimlye this festive season!

Diwali or Deepawali –the festival of lights, is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals of India. It is a time when the entire family comes together to celebrate. Sweets, lights, firecrackers, laughter and more – Diwali brings families closer. 

While the festival itself is colourful and momentous, it is the run-up to the day that is more exciting. Weeks prior to the festival are filled with shopping, prepping sweets and for Indian household cleaning homes becomes essential. Every Indian household spends time.  in ensuring the house is clean, so as to invite Goddess Laxmi to a clean and purified home. What better way to do this but with a natural cleaner? Neem has been trusted throughout history for its natural cleaning properties will aid you in your ritualistic cleaning spree this Diwali 

ITC Nimyle Floor cleaner is a great choice for safe, pure homes. Made with neem, it has a 100% natural action* along with a long-lasting fragrance

The Heritage

The use of neem for cleaning has been a long-standing practice along with its use in Ayurveda and various ceremonies. There is also a widespread knowledge of the heritage and benefits of Neem around the world. ITC Nimyle brings the power of neem to your floors. With its 100% natural action and naturally induced fragrance, it makes your floors safe, especially for children and pets.

Say Hello to Natural & Pet-Friendly Floor Cleaners

Unlike common floor cleaners, ITC Nimyle does not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, bleach, sulphates, parabens and phosphates. As a result, the floors are safe for your kids and pets. Nimyle is also uniquely formulated to be readily biodegradable^ and thus not just a great addition to your household cleaning supplies but also good for the environment.

Long-lasting fragrance

Odor has a greater impact on our environment than you might anticipate. A pleasant and natural fragrance in every corner of your household can positively uplift the entire family during this period of celebration. ITC Nimyle leaves behind a natural and long-lasting fragrance along with its effective cleaning to add an inviting charm to your squeaky-clean home.

This festive season ITC Nimyle has your back with its 100% natural action* and 99.9% germ protection filled with the goodness of Neem. Get safe pure floors with the power of Neem and get ready to welcome the wave of joy and festivities that lie ahead.

*100% natural anti-microbial action basis lab study

^Basis lab study

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