The newly launched first of its kind mobile app will allow pet parents to connect with highly skilled DCC doctors on their fingertips

In its constant endeavour to simplify veterinary services in the country driven by effort and intent across touch points to enhance pet healthcare and bring it at par with humans and to meet the demand for reliable and accessible pet healthcare, DCC (Dogs Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital, a multi-specialty facility, DCC Petcare Hospital has launched its proprietary app called ‘Pet Connect’. The new offering from the company is a first of its kind initiative in pet health tech, built with care and detailing to cover every facet that pet health needs.

 The Pet Connect app by DCC is dedicated to making processes unified and is loaded with features which facilitate seamless treatments, invoices, and knowledge base. Be it booking an appointment, or dealing at the hospital, pre and post care, invoicing and records the app maintain complete transparency while focusing on quality healthcare for enhanced consumer experience, quality of healthcare provided. DCC is focused on using tech for pet healthcare to make processes seamless and be a partner. 

Talking about the new offering, Mr. Ohhun Kwon said ‘DCC is pioneering the Pet Tech segment in the country. COVID-19 has accelerated pet ownership in India, which has given rise to a fast-growing pet care industry. This means that there is dire need to rethink and reimagine the future of pet wellness and health hereon to simplify it for pet owners and ensure best care for our lovely pets. Pet Connect is the first of its kind initiative in pet health tech and we are further building more tech that bridges the gap for best health. We are sure that this will bring a lot of ease and convenience for not only animals but also their parents.’ 

DCC had also extended virtual telehealth services in the past to bridge the healthcare gap for pet owners across the country. The carefully curated and highly specialized services allow pet parents and veterinarians to leverage the company’s proprietary platform for continuous veterinarian care and support amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

 DCC Petcare also offers state-of-the-art boarding services at its Gurgaon facility which is providing much needed relief to families struggling with COVID-19, who are unable to take care of their pets due to their health condition. DCC Petcare boarding facility has temperature controlled rooms, trained handlers, flexible meal plans (which can be pre-discussed with the desk manager), and more to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay for pets.