Pet Industry’s growth is rampant and the numbers are amplifying at an unprecedented rate. All facets of the industry are witnessing a rise in demand for products and services that cater to the needs of pets. Pets in today’s climate, are equivalent to children. Millennials are opting out of pet parenthood over traditional parenthood and this trend will see a continuous forward motion. This is followed by an increase in treats, toys, organic foods, etc. in the pet market that will fuel and improve our furry creatures’ lives.

At the core of everything, the most important thing is pet safety. Over the years, there have been numerous posters, messages, and circulation about pet parents losing their furry creatures and reaching out for help to locate them. To be caught up in a situation such as this is every pet parent’s nightmare. The industry has made remarkable strides with an active effort to bring the digitalisation of pet safety into the mainstream.

Digitalisation has formed a basis in the mainstream so much so that an average household requires some degree of digital applications daily. The Pet Industry is no exception to this and has opened the access portal to the digital tools making a way into the industry.  In regards to Pet Safety, an opportunity to use a chip to track your pet is idyllic and something that has made its way into a lot of households. It is slowly but steadily spreading out in India. Digital safety allows pets to be tracked by a chip for pet parents to know about their pets’ whereabouts at all times. Using a GPS device and chip, one can reduce the risk of losing their pets to a major extent.  If they ever get lost, vets or shelters can scan them and connect them back to their owners. 

 There are additional tools such as also smart tags for pets that show things like their favorite food or any health issues they might have. This ensures that their surroundings are aware of their sensitivities and modes of functioning. 

All these tools can lead to a more stress-free life for pets and pet parents. Many companies in India have started this initiative like Captain India. Such initiatives are set to ensure pets can live safely and comfortably in their neighbourhoods with additional precautions taken to ensure their safety.

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