For Small Animals Like Guinea Pigs

get to play, munch on and drag along with them around the house. We should give our pets the right-sized and safe toys because not all cuddly toys may be good for them to play. The toys made of plastics and glass can do more harm by injuring them on tangling with their hair and skin.

Breeds like the Texel and Teddy guinea pigs get comfortable easily. They will start playing and cuddling the soft toys as soon as they get them. Rather, most of the guinea pigs are timid and take their time to adjust to the toys. Guinea pigs also take their own time to adjust to their new owners. So, don’t assume that your pet will get immediately accustomed to the toys you have provide them to play with.

So, what all toys will they most enjoy? This totally depends on the habitat you want to provide them with and the place you keep your cuties in.

Grass cheese balls. Don’t confuse it with general cheese balls that we eat! The grass cheese balls are made of grass and small chopped veggies that your cuties would really love to gulp. It is food, treats, accessories, chew toys suitable for your tiny pets.

Hollow tubes. The PVC or hay pipes can be constructed to make long holes where your pet can enjoy hiding. Only the ends should be smooth enough so that they do not have any sharp edges. They shouldn’t be very deep. These tubes can be stuffed with hay so that they can rest in them.

Stuffed tubes. Small and thin stuffed tubes are amazing for your pet to chew and take round the house. They can be washed from time to time and so are non-toxic and hygienic. You can also wrap some hay or veggie leaves around them for your guinea’s appetite.

Paper bags. While you market, the paper bags are plenty and handy at home. The guineas really enjoy the crackling sound of the papers. In these paper bags, they can hide and also hide their feed for later consumption.

Cardboard maze. Cardboard mazes and hidden food in them can also keep your pet captivated and busy. By instilling food-seeking habits, games like this can make your cutie smart and busy looking for food.

Stuffed clean socks. Your pet will really enjoy to munch out of these stuffed socks and also make them great pillows for sleeping. Fill the socks with dry grass or hay for them to munch on.

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