In conversation with Gunjan Kaur, Founder of Dogz & Dudez, we delve into what led to the creation of Dogz & Dudez, its range of products, and how it actively roots its mission in making life easier for pets and pet parents.

Question- What led to the creation of Dogz & Dudez and how has your trajectory been so far?

AnswerMy beloved pet, Teddy Singh, holds a special place in my heart as my first baby and the inspiration behind the creation of Dogz & Dudez. His love for parks and gardens led to an unwelcome encounter with ticks, causing distress for both him and us. As a proponent of homegrown remedies over chemical-based solutions, I initially tried various tick shampoos from the market without success.

Determined to find a natural remedy, I turned to ingredients found in our everyday surroundings. The neem trees in my residential complex became a valuable resource. Procuring neem leaves from the gardener; I boiled them, strained the water, and used it for Teddy’s baths. The results were remarkable, as neem acts as a potent insecticide. Despite the effectiveness of this method, the lengthy process, taking two to three hours, was impractical for many pet owners. Realising the need for a convenient and effective solution, the idea of creating a natural product emerged, marking the inception of Dogz & Dudez. Our neem shampoo, a product of this journey, has become a popular choice in the market. Witnessing the positive response from pet owners seeking a reliable solution has been immensely gratifying. I am proud that Dogz & Dudez not only aids pets but also supports their caring owners, aligning with the initial goal that sparked this entire venture.

Question- What are the range of products that you offer for your pets? 

Answer– We offer two distinct shampoos in our product line – a Coconut Shampoo and a Neem Shampoo (designed specifically as an anti-tick and flea solution). The Coconut Shampoo caters to hypo-allergenic dogs with sensitive skin, making it a personal favourite among our offerings. Functioning as both a coat cleanser and fur softener, this shampoo doubles as a conditioning treatment. Additionally, we provide an Anti-Tick and Flea Spray as a preventive measure. Use it before taking your pet for a walk to deter ticks. In case your pet already has ticks, our Neem Shampoo is a reliable solution for effective removal. 

Understanding the diverse needs of pet owners, we have developed a Dry Shampoo, ideal for waterless baths. This product is especially beneficial for older dogs who may find it challenging to stand for a traditional bath. There is also an Ear Cleanser which is recommended for dogs with itchy ears, offering relief from bacterial or fungal infections. To further care for your pet’s well-being, we introduced our Paw Cream. This cream serves the dual purpose of moisturizing elbows and paws, ensuring optimal skin health. 

Additionally, we are proud to present Compostable Poop Bags, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly pet care practices. Each product in our range is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the specific needs of pets and their owners. We invite you to explore the variety of offerings from Dogz & Dudez for a holistic and compassionate approach to pet care.

Question- What is your approach to researching and developing natural remedies to pet problems?  

Answer– Our products are crafted with utmost care, ensuring they are entirely safe and formulated using traditional ingredients and home remedies. Our commitment to quality extends to rigorous research practices. Initially, we relied on information from various sources, including Google. However, we have now established collaborations with veterinary institutes and enlisted the expertise of specialists in the field.

Our network includes individuals with a deep understanding and specialization in pet care, contributing to the thorough evaluation of our products. We have also formed advisory panels to guide us on the safety of our offerings for Pets. This comprehensive approach, encompassing both traditional and contemporary insights, ensures that our products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. 

Recognising that what may be suitable as a natural or home remedy for humans might not necessarily be so for pets, we remain vigilant. Our commitment to thorough research and consultation drives our continuous improvement and the assurance that our products are not only effective but also entirely safe for our beloved canine companions.

Question- Were there any gaps that you noticed in the industry? Something that you felt was lacking?  

Answer- Our vision is to be problem-solvers. We aspire to address the challenges faced by pet parents through Dogz & Dudez. While we may not have solutions for every problem, we are committed to continuously striving towards that goal. 

In today’s times, owning pets can be financially burdensome, deterring many pet lovers from bringing a furry companion into their homes. Recognizing this, we aim to provide affordable products that cater to a wider audience. Unlike a premium brand, our focus is on accessibility rather than exclusivity. We believe that being a problem solver is meaningful only when our solutions are within reach of the people who need them. Bridging this gap is at the core of our mission.

Question- Can you tell us how do you sustain a biodegradable premise through the creation of various products? 

Answer- We view it as our social responsibility to contribute positively to the environment. One aspect of our commitment is evident in our poop bag segment, which has been a result of significant time and financial investment in research. Currently, our bags are plant-based and compostable. When we say compostable, we mean they can disappear without merely breaking down. The key is to dispose of them correctly, placing them in a compost environment allows for this natural process.

It took us more than two years to bring our product to market because we were determined to avoid traditional plastic. Initially, we experimented with biodegradable plastic, but our goal was clear, we sought a solution that truly vanished from the planet instead of just breaking down and lingering. This determination led us to introduce Compostable bags, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices. 

In our efforts to minimize environmental impact, particularly in response to the high demand for our shampoo, we now offer refill packs. This initiative aims to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. As a brand, we are dedicated to doing our part in lessening our carbon footprint and will continue exploring ways to contribute positively to the environment.

Question- What are your plans for the future? Do you have any projects lined up?  

Answer– In the near future, our expansion plans include venturing into oral care and cat litter products. These are the future additions to our product line, and while there are more plans in store, these are the ones I can share at the moment. We are enthusiastic about these new developments and remain committed to making the lives of pets and pet parents more convenient.

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