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Redefining Scalability, Pet Nutrition, and Customer Satisfaction in the Pet Foods Industry.

In the competitive landscape of the pet food industry, staying ahead requires not only meeting but also exceeding the evolving pet parent demands.

Today, pet parents seek food options that offer freshness, nutrition, and quality, aligning perfectly with the growing trend of fresh pet food.

At Innomalous, we have been pioneers in this category. Our journey with fresh pet food started in 2016 alongside our flagship brand, DawgieBowl.

The Edge of Fresh Pet Food

As pet food brands, understanding the nutritional advantages of fresh pet food is crucial.

It is not just a trend; fresh food is a game-changer that sets you apart in a crowded market.

Leveraging Retort Technology

Retort packaging offers a unique solution that addresses the foundational challenge that pet food brands have long faced – meeting the increasing demand for healthier and fresher options.

Retort packaging is a high-temperature, high-pressure sterilization process that preserves pet food’s freshness and nutritional value without artificial preservatives.

This process extends the shelf life of pet food while retaining its flavor and essential nutrients.

Optimal Nutrient Retention

By design, fresh pet food retains the maximum nutritional value of each ingredient.

This nutrient preservation means your brand can offer customers a product that delivers optimal nutrition to their furry companions in their most natural form.

Essential vitamins, minerals, and protein retention at their peak ensures that your offerings stand out in terms of quality and nutritional benefits.

Enhanced Palatability and Consumer Satisfaction

Fresh pet food excels in palatability. Pets savor the flavors and textures of fresh ingredients, making mealtime an enjoyable experience.

Enhanced palatability often leads to improved appetite and better food consumption for pets, which is particularly beneficial for those with selective tastes.

Satisfied pets and parents mean strong brand loyalty.

Tailored Formulations to Meet Specific Needs

Fresh pet food allows for customized formulations to address various pet dietary needs.

Whether it is a grain-free option, a hypoallergenic diet, or special formulations for puppies or seniors, we can tailor fresh pet food to cater to the unique requirements of different pets.

This flexibility allows your brand to cater to a broader audience.

Expanding Beyond Local Geographies

One of the primary advantages of fresh pet food, when coupled with innovative packaging solutions like retort packaging, is the ability to scale beyond local deliveries.

With retort-packed fresh pet food, your brand can confidently serve customers pan-India and even explore international export opportunities.

The extended shelf life and ambient storage capability make it feasible to reach a wider audience, allowing your brand to expand its footprint.

Innomalous: Your Perfect Partner in Fresh Pet Food

Innomalous stands out as your partner of choice for fresh pet food. Our journey began with DawgieBowl in 2016, and since then, we have continually expanded our expertise to cater to discerning pet food brands like yours. We specialize in pet food, understanding pet nutrition, palatability, and product market-readiness.

When you choose Innomalous, you are not just partnering with a packaging service; you are collaborating with pioneers in the pet food realm.

The Distinction: Pet Food Manufacturer vs. Retort Packaging Vendor

As a pet food manufacturer, we utilize retort packaging as one of our innovative methods to deliver fresh and nutritious pet food to your brand and customers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your brand can provide products that meet and exceed the nutritional expectations of pet owners.

Carefully curated recipes ensure pets consuming your product show visibly better health, with pet food made in optimal conditions and in keeping with the highest quality standards.

The Benefits of Partnering with Innomalous

Modest MOQs with Enterprise Capabilities

Our startup-friendly minimum order quantities allow you to start or scale your pet food brand without a significant upfront investment.

At the same time, our enterprise-level manufacturing abilities ensure you can scale as big and fast, stress-free.

Pre-Formulated Cataloged Recipes

Innomalous offers a range of cataloged recipes that reduce your launch time and research and development costs. Choose from formulations tailored to meet different pet nutritional needs at different budgets.

AI-Optimized Production Quality

Our AI-optimized production processes ensure consistent quality and precision in every batch.

This consistency adds to the customer’s experience with your brand, establishing you as a reliable partner in their pet’s well-being.

Expertise from Hands-On Experience

With over seven years of experience running a successful fresh pet food brand ourselves, we bring first-hand knowledge and insights to help you navigate the pet food industry successfully.

Boost Your Pet Food Brand with Innomalous

Fresh pet food is more than just a trend; it is a nutritional revolution that brings the best to your pet food brand. Innomalous, with its years of experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence, is your trusted partner in providing the highest quality fresh pet food. Join us in this journey to elevate your brand’s nutrition and well-being offerings to new heights.

Innomalous is India’s leading private-label manufacturer & exporter of natural pet foods, treats, supplements & other novel edibles for pets.

With a wide selection of high-quality products in their catalog, enterprise-grade production capabilities, startup-friendly MOQs & pricing, Innomalous is the pet industry’s favorite manufacturing partner

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