We’re all eager to be celebrating Holi with our beloved family members. In the excitement of Holi, we forget that our pets may not enjoy being colored by Holicolors. The chemicals that make up the colors can cause irritation to their skin, and if they do lick it, they could inhale it and cause deadly poisoning. This Holi is a time for everyone to be aware and understand that Holi is not a holiday of colors. You can have fun with your pet. 

There are several essential aspects that you should know to keep your dogssecure during the Holi festival

1. Dyes are contaminated with harmful chemicals “gulal” powder or “gulal” color or powder we employ for the festival is composed of a synthetic compound which is toxic or harmful chemicals. It causes skin irritation and itching, and blindness in humans or animals. Pets can lick poisonous chemicals, leading to severe illnesses and diseases. Also, if you play with your human pals, choose natural colors. Keep other stains from your pet friends.

2. Please keep your pets inside. When it comes to Holi celebrations, you are at risk of being hit by colorful powder or water balloons. Therefore, the best method to protect your pet is to keep them in a safe place. Also, make sure you make sure that you keep the party out of the reach of dogs that might wander by. Set out drinking water that is clean for dogs who walk around so that they don’t drink unclean water in the roadways.

3. Children should be taught not to shoot waterfalls towards dogs. The spouting of water balloons could cause injuries to dogs’ body parts. Children may not know the dangers and harms to the canines. Therefore, you should teach your children not to shoot water balloons at dogs at the time of celebrations.

4. Make sure you are aware of your local area.
The building’s chief should place notices on the walls that warn residents not to let their pet companions in their homes during Holi and never throw colored powder or water on animals.

5. Be on the lookout for your dog and your pet’s stray companions to look for signs of trouble.If you spot an animal or dog having colored particles on its face or body, It is best to clean it off using clean water. If irritation continues, seek assistance from a veterinarian for medical attention.

6. Be sure to keep sweets out of your pet’s reach. Holi is all about sharing sweets with your beloved ones, but you must be sure to keep them away from your pets. Dog treats can be shared with them.

What do you take if your pet is spotted with colored fur? 

Use Dr.Goel’s shampoo

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