How has Zane been a focal point in your life and how has that changed you personally and professionally? 

Zane became a significant presence in my life when I was extremely afraid of dogs. One night, my phone died, and I found myself stranded outside late at night due to my fear of the dogs in my neighbourhood. That’s when Fredrun, the founder, suggested that I get a dog to overcome my fear. Zane came into our lives on October 25th, 2021, and since then, I can’t imagine a day without a pet. Zane’s love and affection have transformed everything for me. If I return home and don’t see him, it feels incomplete.

Zane has made me feel like a parent in every sense. The bond we share is beyond words. Taking care of him has taught me responsibility and the importance of understanding non-verbal communication. Despite not being able to speak, Zane is incredibly expressive and can convey his needs effectively. We prioritize his food, medical care, and other necessities, and in return, he showers us with unconditional love.

We have heard that you hold expertise in the textile industry with your contribution to reviving folk art and Indian traditional craft for Iteeha Studio. How has that craft transpired into the pet industry and how does that serve pet parents and pets? 

At Iteeha, we specialize in organic textiles, crafting fabrics, yarns, and threads using vegetable dyes. We’ve been considering expanding into the pet industry by introducing organic pet toys. Since dogs play by holding objects in their mouths, offering environmentally friendly toys is beneficial for their health and enjoyment.

We work with various organic fibres like orange, lotus, and pineapple, using exclusively vegetable-based dyes. Our vision includes creating toys that are not only organically made but also safe for pets to chew on. Additionally, we aim to design coordinated clothing for both pets and their parents, along with accessories like tote bags and backpacks for pets.

Every product we offer is designed with utmost comfort in mind, ensuring they are gentle on the pet’s skin and body. Just as we’ve innovated in our cafes with unique merchandise, such as bandanas and t-shirts, we aspire to bring similar creativity and quality to our pet product line.

Our goal is to enrich the bond between pets and their parents by providing organic, soft, and enjoyable products that enhance the shared experience of spending time together.

In regards to the grooming industry, what have you noticed recently in terms of how pet parents’ behaviour has changed towards pets? How has that transpired in the grooming industry, or how do you notice some of the changes in pet spas? Like if you notice a particular breed? 

With the growth of the pet industry, more people have embraced being pet parents, considering their pets as cherished members of the family. This shift has led to increased attention to pet grooming and care. Pet parents now prioritize regular grooming appointments, often adjusting their schedules to accommodate these appointments.

Today, it’s common for pets to receive grooming every 10 to 15 days, which may include oil massages, jacuzzi baths, organic flower baths, nail clipping, and sanitary area cleaning. This level of care reflects the growing awareness and education among pet parents regarding the importance of grooming for their pets’ well-being.

While certain breeds with longer or denser coats, such as Shih Tzus or Poodles, may require more frequent grooming, I’ve observed that pet parents of all breeds are equally committed to maintaining their pets’ grooming regimen. In my experience running a pet spa for nearly two years, I’ve seen a diverse range of breeds visiting regularly for grooming services.

what is the range of services that Zane’s offers as a pet-friendly cafe and spa? And how do you think that you stand out in the industry?  

At Zane’s, our uniqueness lies in the fact that it’s not just a cafe owned by us, but by our beloved pets. We offer a specialized menu catering to both pets and humans, encompassing starters, main courses, drinks, and desserts for our furry friends. What sets us apart is the freedom for pets to roam off-leash within our premises, as our staff warmly welcomes and interacts with them.

We’ve invested in advanced monitoring systems, installing 13 cameras in our 800-square-foot space. This allows pet parents to observe their pets’ grooming sessions in real time through provided screens. This innovative approach ensures transparency and peace of mind for pet owners, enhancing their overall experience.

Our spacious environment and extended operating hours, from 7 am to midnight, accommodate the needs of working pet parents who may struggle to find time during conventional business hours. They can relax at our cafe while their pets are pampered and groomed, enjoying our elaborate menu designed for both humans and pets alike.

Additionally, we take pride in our in-house grooming products under the Freossi brand, including shampoos, conditioners, oils, deodorants, and paw creams. These products are tailored to meet the specific needs of pets, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout the grooming process.

In summary, Zane’s offers a comprehensive range of services, all centred around the happiness and satisfaction of our furry guests and their loving parents. With our pet-friendly environment, personalized grooming experiences, and quality products, we strive to create memorable moments for every pet parent and their beloved companions.

What are the core needs that you’ve noticed in pets as a business owner and also as a pet parent? 

There are only three essential things a pet needs from you: time, hygiene, and good food. By dedicating enough time to them, you fulfil their need for companionship and love, which they cherish deeply in their short lives.

Ensuring good hygiene involves regular grooming sessions to trim their sanitary areas, clip their nails, and maintain their overall cleanliness. This not only keeps them comfortable but also prevents common issues like ticks and fungal infections, which they are susceptible to due to their habits like urinating in open areas.

Providing a balanced diet with essential nutrients such as omega oils and calcium is crucial for their overall health and longevity. A well-nourished pet is more likely to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

In essence, these three things—time, hygiene, and good food—are all a pet asks for, and they’re the foundation of responsible pet parenting. As pet parents, it’s our duty to prioritize these aspects to ensure our furry companions lead happy, healthy lives.

We will conclude this interview by asking your advice to doting pet parents as well as pet professionals in this industry. 

To all pet parents, I urge you to cherish every moment with your furry companions and spend as much time as you can with them. Enjoy the bond you share and make the most of every precious moment together.

To fellow professionals in the pet industry and groomers, I emphasize the importance of handling pets with utmost care and love. When grooming them, prioritize their comfort and well-being, ensuring they feel at ease throughout the process. Engage with them, play with them, and make them feel like they’re at home in your care.

As for our future projects, we are optimistic about expanding Zane’s experience to more locations across the country. Our goal is to share the joy and benefits of what Zane’s has to offer with as many pet lovers as possible. Together, let’s continue to enrich the lives of pets and their parents alike.

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