I can smell it! It’s around the corner. That time of the year when Nikki does all those special things for me and Kabir. I remember, ever since I was a lil pup, Nikki would be sooo excited about this day! They start prepping a week in advance. Nikki looks for the perfect thread and Kabbu tells mumma what he wants to get Nikki from all the money he saved. Many hoomans visit us that day and I have to be well behaved… even though some of those slippers look extremely chew worthy. Especially our Shweta bua and her pink crocs.. slober slober..

Oops, I am digressing. I am writing about this day when Kabbu and I line up on the sofa and then Nikki comes with a tray with pretty things. Nikki put a bow on my head last year for this. Sometimes I need to remind her that I am a boy! Sigh. I guess unisex grooming is a thing?

Coming back to the sofa, Nikki brings out her dazzling tray and starts circling it around us. Mom and dad take lots of pictures and it’s a lot of fun until she starts singing! Yes! The same song, every year! I look here and there for flies and before we realize, the singing stops and she takes out those pretty threads that she oh-so-lovingly ties to Kabbu’s wrist and my paw. I always stop to admire it. The rakhi that she ties on my paw. Of course, soon after, I try to chew it. It’s got no taste. 

That is followed by something yucky for Kabbu and tasty snackers for me! 

Then comes the part that always leaves me teary-eyed. Kabbu always has something for our darling Nikki. I don’t have a gift. One time I tried to get her a special stick after it had just rained and well, let’s say, that didn’t go down well with mum. So then I give her what I can, wholesome cuddles, hugs that last a lifetime and a promise to be there for her. She is the sweetest sister anyone can have and I am the luckiest to have her! I promise to protect my fam all my life. 

PS- Can’t wait to chew on Shweta’s pink crocs!


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