By Anshuman*

Having a Pit Bull is considered to be a joy ride. Having two is said to be a roller-coaster and that too, ones that makes you excited to wake up each day. My story goes down a similar path with the entry of Fanta and Booster in 2021. These twins have tales that can account for a whole book. We bought this bundle of mischief from Greater Noida and life has only taken a sweeter turn since then. Even on our hard days, they provide us with a level of comfort that makes us feel hopeful amidst dark times.

They love to chew bones. They love each other beyond words but never miss an opportunity to fight. They fight to the point you can classify them as classic siblings with occasional injuries popping up. Pit Bulls are considered to be aggressive but they are more friendly than most people realise. Having pet them for 2 years, I am privy to that delightful experience barring the intense fights owing to their sibling bonding.

While they come as a rock solid duo, they have different ways in which they show up. Fanta is way moodier than Booster. My Booster is very well mannered and leaves guests in complete awe of him. Fanta loves carrots so much and holds so much enthusiasm for it. Booster prefers bone chewing.

Despite their varied ways, they are so protective of each other and enjoy being social. They always are on a lookout for each other. They enjoy travelling so much. They are more eager for it than us. Fanta loves front seat and Booster loves back-seat. This prevents so much fighting.

Post lock-down, we spent the entire time with them and our lives started revolving around them. Even with regular office, we were able to manage them properly. They are the most sought- after breed. They adjust so well. Since, I have a knack of bringing cute stories about them in every conversation, Booster jumps to press the lift buttons as it makes him so happy. 

They are the kings of the house. They jump on beds when left alone. At first, they used to tear up newspapers. They really are siblings at core when they function this way at home. My life has opened up after bringing these two and they are literally like two little kids who have woven their way into our hearts so effortlessly. Key to winning a Pit Bull’s heart is to give them a friendly atmosphere, and watch them work their magic!

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