By Karan Puri Foundation*

In today’s world where people are too busy to stop and notice ailing animals on streets, Arti &Divya Puri decided to spare that time and make constructive efforts. They started Karan Puri Foundation in 2007 in New Delhi. They are committed to saving and feeding every helpless life on street. And as of today, they run with a small team of staff and volunteers to take care of more than 400 dogs, cats, and birds in and around south Delhi. The Foundation runs a daily feeding initiative via which they feed stray cats and dogs, every night, 365 days a year!

Also, by giving these dogs and cats, a fresh and wholesome meal every night, they keep them satiated and happy. From making them wear reflective collars to keeping clean water bowls near their areas, they truly offer a selfless service. Every day fresh food is cooked under the supervision of Mrs. Arti Puri, a 60 year old lady who braves the sun and heat and cooks a fresh meal devotedly. This food is then distributed with help of their staff under the supervision of her daughter, Divya Puri.

Here is what Divya Puri has to say about their initiatives………

“We believe that animals, nature, and human beings together form a community and as such, we must sincerely care for one another in our different ways, however big or small, to be able to live together in harmony. Each one of us has something to give to and share with society. This is the reason why we conduct regular vaccination and sterilization drives in order to control the animal-human conflict.

Due to this current Pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we have increased the number of dogs under our care. Our Foundation is currently feeding more than 400 dogs and even helping other volunteers with food.

Not only does the foundation feed these dogs, but also all their medical needs are taken care of by us. All these dogs are vaccinated annually with 6-in-1 and rabies vaccination.  Our foundation actively rescues dogs that are run over by speeding cars or tortured/abandoned by heartless people.

Our mission at Karan Puri Foundation is to feed, rescue, and treat homeless street animals of Delhi. We aim at inspiring a community that can help and bring small changes in lives of these voiceless souls, who ask for nothing but love. We hope that by our persistent efforts and care, we will help in creating a more empathetic society, which understands that this planet is to be shared and not owned.”

* Karan Puri Foundation is a registered trust working for the welfare of stray animals.

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