Fidele+ is the brainchild of Bharat Pittie and Aiyazz Hemarani, owners of Orange Pet Nutrition, one of the largest pet food importers in India. Best friends since school, Bharat and Aiyaaz shared one thing in common – their absolute love for dogs! When they decided to venture into entrepreneurship as grown-ups, Bharat realized that good quality pet food is not easily available in the Indian market. To bridge this gap, Orange Pet Nutrition started out as a one-stop shop that brought the best of premium nutrient-rich pet food into the Indian market. Their in-house brand – Fidele – has been one of the most loved dog food brands in India since 2014. But come 2021, Bharat and Aiyaaz decided on a more holistic approach towards dog food and so Fidele became Fidele+ with one aim – to give your dogs all the goodness of Ghar Jaisa Khana.

We all love Ghar Ka Khana! Particularly because we can have complete control over every little thing that goes in it. So, giving your dog home-cooked meals must be better, surely? Well, almost yes. While making your dogs’ food from scratch at home seems like a great idea, this may accidentally deprive your dogs of essential nutrients.

 That’s where Fidele+ dog food comes in. Their unique recipe is carefully curated using the expertise of world-renowned Pet Nutritionist David Southey – who has ensured the right balance of protein, fats, and fibre with natural probiotics, vitamins, mineral, and an Indian herb mix, which are perfectly suited for the mental and physical development of your dog. Fidele has always used protein-packed chicken as its first and main ingredient.  In the new Fidele+ there is the addition of a healthy mix of super foods like Turmeric and flax seeds to help in treating inflammation and joint issues, and Cold pressed coconut oil that works as a natural energy booster and keeps your dog’s skin problems at bay. While Holy basil has anti-oxidant properties and stabilizes blood sugar levels in dogs, Ginger powder increases blood circulation, boosting the immune system, and helps with digestion. Ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy!

 Though conceptualized in India and made in Belgium, it adheres to the strict guidelines laid out by the European Union vis-à-vis quality of raw materials, sustainable production practises, controlled manufacturing environment etc. The EU also ensures that no GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients or artificial preservatives, flavours or colours are used in dog food. When reading the ingredients on your dog’s food packet, it is common to come across ingredients that seem vague and unidentified. Pick up a Fidele+ dog food pack and you will read its clear ingredient list. With no wheat or soy, the food can also be categorized as gluten free, eliminating chances of any food intolerances. This gives you, as a parent, peace of mind over the quality of nutrition that goes into your dog’s bowl. 

Planning to get your hands on it already? There’s more. Fidele+ is also one of the most pocket-friendly high quality dog food brands in India. For more information or free sample visit their website