Dibaq Petcare needs no introduction. Since two years of our launch in India, we have been growing strength to strength in terms of variants, flavours, team members, locations and cities. And all this has been possible because of the faith our consumers have placed in our core values of Reliability, Quality Guarantee, Commitment to Research and Respect for the Environment.

Amidst much appreciation, Dibaq recently launched its super premium range FITMIN NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMME. It will be news to many that our FITMIN factories are a separate entity based in the Eagle Mountains of Czech Republic.

The history of the Fitmin brand goes back to the 1990s when the Poplužnídvůr farm estate in Helvíkovice was reclaimed in restitution by the Štěpánek family, the company’s founders. It draws on a deeply rooted agricultural and breeding tradition that forms the cornerstone of the company’s commitment and high-quality work. In Helvíkovice, the Štěpánek family gradually built a feed production plant, which started to produce brand Fitmin food for dogs in 1998 and cat food in 2008.

The company eventually became part of the multinational Dibaq group, but its fundamental value – commitment to high-quality work – remained unchanged. Fitmin nutrition products always respects the requirements of a particular animal. We work with top breeders , consult them about the latest trends and are constantly looking for new solutions to make Fitmin products balanced and fully compliant with the needs of the animals. Complete development, production as well as taste testing take place in the Czech Republic. Although Fitmin is a large-scale production yet we have maintained the status of “family business”, Our facility is equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to produce high-quality feeds. Fitmin is the only Czech brand and one of the few in Europe with technology enabling the addition of fresh meat to extrusion. We use so-called mechanically-boned meat of high quality, which is also used in the human food processing industry, giving Fitmin food an excellent taste, which will be greatly appreciated even by the owners of very fussy dogs. Fitmin formulas do not contain soy or other genetically modified ingredients. We understand nutrition in a complex way – quality food is essential for the health and fitness of dogs.

From receipt of raw materials, storage of ingredients, weighing and dosage of the proportions till mixture going into storage silos, the process automated in highly sanitised conditions with no physical touching of the food. Fresh boneless meat guarantees great taste and most importantly the high quality of our products. It is the final input ingredient that does not pass through any intermediate stage of production to maintain its nutritional value.

Fitmin nutrition covers all stages of our dog’s life, from a day old pup to a senior dog having its own need of calorie measure. Hence we have FITMIN MILK (day 1 till 3 weeks), FITMIN MUSH (week 3 till 7 weeks) and then transition to FITMIN Nutrition – puppy, adult and senior diets.

Fitmin Milk is specially designed to substitute or complement breast milk if the mother dog is unable to feed her puppies or in case of mammary gland infections. Its unique formula with a high content of milk proteins, vitamins and minerals ensures correct and problem- free growth of the puppies.

Fitmin Mush facilitates the transition from milk to complete extruded food. It is very easy to use: ration and stir in warm water or milk. The materials used guarantee high palatability and digestibility, and reduce the risk of diarrhoea after weaning the puppies. Once the puppies are of 2 months of age, they should transition to the holistic dry kibble meals from FITMIN for optimum nutrition.

A fundamental part of the “Fitmin gang“ are the dogs and the team taking care of them in our Fitmin kennels, which were established in 2002. Here we focus on breeding border collies, and thanks to them naturally verify the palatability of feed on fully active dogs. Our great dogs compete in agility, pass sheep herding and obedience tests and, last but not least, provide canine therapy care. Above all, their shape, healthy way of life and relaxed view of the world brings us joy and confirms our belief that we do feed well. More than 21 years have passed since the founding of the Fitmin brand and much has changed over the years, but the core value of the family business – an honest approach to work – has been preserved. The company is permeated on all levels by the spirit of the original founders of the company, the Štěpánek family, whose breeding and agricultural tradition has always had deep roots in Helvíkovice.

Know more about Fitmin and other Dibaq brands (SENSE & DNATURALS) by logging onto www.dibaqpetcare.com or email to mitupaul@dibaq.in.

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