In conversation with Anirban Chanda, CEO of Onpets, he provides an insight on how Onpets is revolutionizing pet healthcare in India and their upcoming projects to bridge gaps in the market, enhance service quality, and integrate emerging technologies.

Q1. What inspired you to start Onpets and how has the trajectory of the company been so far? 

I spent the initial years of my life in the northeast part of India. I have seen pet parents struggle to get basic pet healthcare facilities whenever required. Even today, getting a vet across tier I & tier II towns in India is a challenge. 

This was the seed idea and problem statement which we wanted to address and solve by taking affordable and standardized pet healthcare services to customer doorsteps, which can eliminate the stress of transporting your pet and waiting in unfamiliar environments.

We launched our services in September 2021. Today, we have a strong community of 6500+ pet parents across the eastern part of India, who trust us with any kind of pet healthcare services throughout the year. Our vision is to reach out to a 50000 user base by the end of 2027. 

Q2. What sets Onpets apart from other pet care platforms or services in the market? How do you maintain a competitive edge? 

Onpets is an integrated pet healthcare platform where you can book experienced vets, pet vaccination services, customized pet nutrition, pet diagnostic services, pet insurance, and pet travel solutions. We are one of the few companies that have conceptualized integrated pet healthcare delivery to customer doorsteps in India. 

The crucial differentiator which we have with our competitors is – we manage our services via our team of vets, with a focus on seamless execution, our average TAT (turnaround time) is 2 hours, which has built huge confidence among our customers that they can book services on demand and get quality healthcare based out of their homes. 

 It’s always tough to build something, it’s tougher to build something in healthcare and gain customer trust. We firmly believe that we are building a category itself in the pet healthcare space which has never existed before. Hence, it will take time, persistence, and a lot of heart. 

Q3. What gaps in the market do you aim to fulfil with your work? 

Despite the huge growth in pet care space in the last 10 years, predominantly confined to the metro mostly, there is a huge gap in terms of availability of qualified vets and pet healthcare infrastructure in tier I & tier II towns. We want to bridge this gap via quality, affordable and standardized pet healthcare practices.

Q4. How do you ensure the quality and safety of the products and services offered through Onpets

We are not a service aggregator platform, we deliver services via our own team of vets, paramedics, and partners which allows us to define service SOPs based on specific requirements. We invest heavily in training our teams with the latest pet care practices. We also engage regularly with our community to understand gaps and accordingly fine-tune our service protocols. 

Q5. How does Onpets stay updated with emerging trends and technologies in the pet care industry? 

It’s very important to integrate technology in today’s healthcare space more so when you are operating in places where basic infrastructure is unavailable. We have already started to equip our team with IOT devices to measure vitals instantly during visits, which have helped our vets diagnose and align treatment protocols faster.

Q6. Looking further, do you have any projects lined up for the near future and what are your plans?  

As the industry is evolving fast with government efforts to regulate the sector, we have planned two major projects which can define and consolidate our presence across major towns and cities in India in the next 2 years. 

  • Single window platform – Pet Registry to manage pet health records and vaccination status which can be accessed by pet parents and government bodies. This is aligned with new regulations and mandatory guidelines on pet registration across states. 
  • Launch of specialized mobile OPD vans equipped with the best of diagnostic tools managed by trained vets to provide critical care at the location.

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