By: Anshul kapoor

The Scottish Fold
This breed is also known as an owl in a catsuit since its folded ears impart an owl-like look to the cat. Known for its unique ears which have one or more folds the Scottish Fold is a good-natured, calm and affectionate cat. It has an average lifespan of 15 years and weighs anywhere between 6 to 13 pounds. It enjoys the company of family members and children.

The Scottish Fold was first found in 1961 by a shepherd named William Ross in Scotland. She looked like a cuddly little owl. He started breeding Scottish Fold kittens with Pat Turner, a geneticist. Of the first 76 kittens, 42 were born with folded ears, and the rest had erect ears. Most Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears but go on to develop folds provided one parent carries the folded ears gene.

Scottish Folds have large eyes and a kinked tail that lacks flexibility. Their coat is short and dense with either very long or very short hair. These cats come in various colours and are marked by a well-rounded face and body accompanied by a sharp nose.
The Scottish Fold is an intelligent breed and can quickly adapt to new people and environment. They love human company. These cats prefer to stay close to their owner and sleep flat on their back.

Scottish Folds are soft-spoken and sweet-tempered and love to curl on their owner’s lap. They thrive in large, active households and enjoy the company of children and other pets. They are highly adaptable and make great travelling companions. These felines are natural-born charmers and love spending quality time with their owners. They, however, aren’t overly demanding and don’t mind being called couch potatoes.
If you own a longhaired Scottish Fold, you should comb his coat at least three to four times a week to maintain a vibrant and healthy look. Regular grooming is required for these cats as they tend to build up ear wax which must be cleaned at least twice a month.


The Abyssinian is nicknamed the Runway model of the feline world, because of its beautiful long, lean and muscular body and legs. It has many admirers and is characterized by large, expressive almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears, and an eye-catching coat. The coat contains a ticked pattern and comes in a variety of colours including blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, and fawn.

Female Abyssinian cats weigh around 8 pounds, and males weigh approximately 10 pounds.

The Abyssinian is one of the earliest cat breeds known to be around 4,000 years old from Ancient Egypt. The first Abyssinian cat was introduced to Europe in 1868 by a British soldier. It was introduced to America in the early 1900s but remained unnoticed until the 1930s. Today, the Abyssinian cat is accepted by all essential cat breed registries and ranks among the top five most popular cat breeds.

The Abyssinian is highly active and attention-seeking. It loves to cuddle and curl in its favourite human’s lap. Abys are incredibly talkative and like to perch on shoulders. They are ideal for households with children and get along with other pets. These active, adventure-seekers make great companions and are curious. They often mimic the actions of their favourite people. These cats are great sprinters and can soar up to a height of about six feet.

Abyssinians demand a great deal of attention and love to play. They may get destructive out of boredom and may resort to different attention seeking tricks. This cat sports the jungle look and its thick shorthaired coat requires minimal brushing. These cats rarely need a bath.

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