I have always been known to control my emotions and be more guarded as a person. I stay focused and set in my ways in my daily life. Showing emotions does not come as second nature to me. However, there are these raw moments and creatures that open you up to a whole new experience and world that truly exists within you. They just reflect that side of you that was always present. 

My former dog Gullu was so special to me in ways I cannot express. I would come home and get lost in play time with him. Despite having 3 siblings, he took up a special space as a sibling as well, which meant I would occasionally tease and scold him. That precious bundle of joy made the whole house light up with this mischief and joy. My buddy did not just come with good laughs and a big smile, but some hearty lessons along the way. 

When he passed away, I cried and howled like a baby which came as a shock to my loved ones since I never cry. I felt so soft in his presence that losing him was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. He will always hold an important place in my heart but he taught me to let more people in and not lose out on the love and magic that life has to offer. 

I learned from my friend the importance of always being there for your loved ones and how incredible  it is to be the light in everyone’s life. You don’t have to be special or extraordinary for that, you just always have to show up from a place of love. This is something that I wish more of us practice in our everyday lives. He made me realise that I don’t have to do something revolutionary or prestigious to be important, but just show up with an extended smile and warmth to the people in my life. 

My emotional support friend’s departure left a void in me but it was filled in with the lessons and memories he had to offer. While he is irreplaceable, someone can always be a part of the family with his own special ways, which brings me to my current bundle of joy- Gucci. I enjoy as much time as I get to spend with him as I live away from home but I hold a lot of gratitude for Gullu for inspiring my heart in ways I show up everyday.

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