By Swati Shenoy*

My name is Sasha. I am a Siberian Husky (excited much?) and true to my forefathers (or mothers). I am the most beautiful furry woman you will ever lay your eyes on. My Daddy used to say that I had ‘huskied’ my way into his heart. I believe him. Yes! My Daddy – Abhishek Shetty. The story I am about to tell you is not only my story. It is our story. The story of our “Wolfpack” and I am the main lady who heads the pack. 

Before I begin I would like to tell you a little about myself. 

I absolutely love Hoomans! (the obvious!)

I adore hooman kids. I am always careful not to scare or hurt them. Playing with them is awesome fun! 

I love my long drives. I have even marked my car so that I can wag my tail when I spot it. I am a happy girl when I go for drives with the wind blowing against my Husky face. 

Did I say I love food? No? Oh Yes! I love food, specially if you are eating it. 

I love my pillow fights! And peekaboo with bedsheets is the thing. Trust me, you guys should definitely try it (with me ofcourse!).

I love my walks! (Hey! I am a dawg, what did you expect anyway?)

Oh Yes! One more thing. My bestie is a cat, who goes by the name – Mia. Sounds royal right? Oh, you should see her. She is feisty and beautiful. The complete package! I love chasing her around. We are a team. I hate to admit this – but I miss her when she is away.

I can go on about myself but like I said before – this is not my story. So here goes.

My Daddy told me that I was born on 9th of April, 2015. I was a little fur ball with blue eyes (not exaggerating one bit). On a hot summer day my Daddy brought me home – our home – the home of the wolfpack. I met Bani for the first time that day. He is my Daddy’s best friend and mine too! I had a baller time with my pack. That year was one of my most memorable year. 

As you know, all good things come with an expiry date. Our story too had a twist early on. I was kidnapped (its difficult to be so ‘pawfully’ beautiful, you see) by bad hoomans. It made me heartbroken as I thought I will never see my pack again. But you see, my Daddy did not give up on me. He searched for me for almost one and a half years and got me back home again! That day I was the happiest! 

I came to live with Daddy again. He even got a big house for me so that I can play around.

My Daddy – an introvert who used to shower me with love. He used to share all his secrets with me.

My Daddy – who would do anything for me to be happy.

My Daddy – who left me this year to be with God. Yes. He is no more. Though I know that he is watching over us from wherever Hoomans go after they leave us. 

Daddy had big dreams for me. He wanted me to be a model. He wanted me to be famous. So, I am doing just that – I am working hard to make my daddy proud (with a little help from my wolfpack). He was my Godfather who treated me like his own and never abandoned or disappointed me. 

Today too I shall wait for him like I have been waiting for him since he left. I will wake up in the morning and wait for him to take me for a walk. I wait for him to come back from work and pet me. 

I will wait for him because he never gave up on me.

Wait! No, I will not end this story with a sad ending because my Daddy would not have approved of it. He believed in defeating the odds and being positive and I am my Daddy’s girl!

I stay with Bani, Swati and Mia at times Akash and Pawan now and you should totally hang out with us. We are a fun bunch and can totally cute you out! We party every weekend (sometimes weekdays too). We go for long drives with Akash Shetty and Bani and Akash even let me pose for pictures that I can put up as my DP! Isn’t that cool? Swati feeds me yummy food – she totally rocks the peekaboo game too! I meet a lot of people and everyone adores me. I am a lucky girl!