Why you should launch and scale your range of “natural pet foods”?

A curated range of pet foods can be game-changing for pet businesses of all sizes.

Pet foods make up a whopping 64% of the fast-growing global pet industry. Their sizeable contribution makes pet foods, treats and other pet edibles an imperative segment for new and existing pet brands.

Evolving Consumer Purchase Behaviour

The last decade has seen the relationship between pets and their owners transform significantly.

Naturally, the transition from pet owner to pet parent extends beyond just terminology. The consumer behaviour of pet households has evolved significantly too.

Today’s pet parents display conscious and educated buying behaviour, prioritising quality and value over just price.

The relatively new natural and organic pet foods category has doubled in the last 10 years. It is now worth USD 22.8 billion and is expanding rapidly.

Natural Pet Foods Made Sustainable With Innomalous

The traditional perception of natural pet foods is that they are not scalable or profitable. However, that is not the case any more.

Innomalous has invested heavily in developing robust, responsible and retail-ready natural pet food products for the last seven years.

Through intensive research and innovation, the manufacturer has developed and deployed best-in-class infrastructure that combats conventional challenges.

Pioneering Natural Pet Food Manufacturing for the Future

As a modern pet food manufacturer, Innomalous helps you accelerate your entrepreneurial journey to success in the following ways.

Low Capital Investment

Entering the pet food industry is lucrative, but setting up a pet food manufacturing unit requires substantial investment and expertise.

This time and resource-intensive setup may be a barrier and even altogether unnecessary for young businesses.

Innomalous allows for a swift entry into the pet food space with start-up-friendly Minimum Order Quantities with no long-term obligations.

Higher Product Margins

Natural pet food manufacturers have long faced a pricing conundrum.

High-quality raw materials are expensive. Retailing at significantly higher prices reduces market acceptance, and pricing the product at par with sub-par competition leads to lower profit margins.

Innomalous overcomes this obstacle by optimising sourcing, production and logistics to offer its clients competitive & transparent prices and thus maximised profits.

Superior Palatability & Efficacy

Rejecting the use of harmful synthetic taste enhancers, palatants and MSG leads to most natural pet foods losing the palatability battle.

The R&D team at Innomalous works meticulously to design foods that not only display naturally high palatability but have also shown visible improvement in pet health.

Reliable Product Consistency

Processing responsibly sourced natural ingredients to replicate the same results over time is essential to consider your products truly market-ready.

AI-powered tech enables Innomalous to maintain consistent quality, palatability, features and shelf-life in its products.

Extended Shelf-Life

The shelf-life impediment has long affected the scalability of natural pet foods.

Advanced moisture control technology at Innomalous helps achieve maximum shelf-life consistently without added preservatives.

Informed, Intelligent And Integrated Manufacturing

Pet food manufacturers form the backbone of the pet industry and influence the trends and direction of growth.

Innomalous takes its responsibility seriously.

The team invests in continual education on topics like pet health, food processing, sustainability and global pet industry dynamics.

New products are regularly developed to help brands stay ahead of the curve and succeed while delivering maximum value to their customers.

Why You Should Launch Your Range Of Natural Pet Foods?

The rising consumer demand and steady market growth for honest pet foods globally are the leading and most convincing reasons to launch your own range.

Natural pet foods also garner higher customer loyalty and deepen the trust of pet parents in your brand.

Manufacturers like Innomalous offer a reliable supply chain, so you can yield maximum returns in the short and long term.

The love for our pets motivates most of us to do what we do. Swinging the pet food pendulum to the side that benefits them offers unparalleled entrepreneurial satisfaction.

Innomalous is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of pet food, pet treats and novel pet edibles.

Their clients include industry-leading modern pet brands like DawgieBowl, Petsy, Furrmeals, Brunos Wild Essentials, Poochles, Happy Puppy Organics and more.

Visit innomalous.com to start your winning journey in the pet food industry today!

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