By Aishwarya Nayal

Sky entered my life at a time when I was at my lowest point. The year 2022 stands out as one of the most challenging periods in my life, both in my professional and personal spheres. Amidst all the chaos, a dear friend of mine gave me Sky as a gift. My love for dogs had been ingrained in me since my childhood in Almora, where I grew up with canine companions.

Sky became a part of my life on November 15, 2023. At that time, I was away on a business trip, and upon my return, I found this adorable bundle of joy nestled in the corner of my couch. It was love at first sight when I gazed into his cute face and those striking blue eyes. From that day forward, my world has revolved around him. Not only did he become an integral part of my life, but he also warmed his way into the hearts of my family and friends. Whenever friends visit, they bring toys and treats for Sky, often preferring to play with him over spending time with me. My parents and nieces make it a daily ritual to video call me, mainly to catch a glimpse of Sky and inquire about his day

As I navigated personal turmoil, Sky brought a glimmer of hope into my life. He taught me the art of selfless love. Raising him through his puppyhood was a responsibility I had never anticipated, but regardless of how stressed I may be, a single look at him brings peace to my soul. Sky was a playful and mischievous puppy who adored the outdoors, so I began travelling with him. Even before his first birthday, we had embarked on three memorable treks together. He possesses an inquisitive nature and a friendly demeanour, constantly craving attention and effortlessly captivating everyone with his photogenic charm.

Sky despises conflicts, whether among dogs or humans. He intervenes when he witnesses dogs growling at each other and even howls when humans engage in heated arguments. His friendly disposition has earned him numerous friends in our neighbourhood, including the local strays who adore playing with him. My love for dogs and the desire to contribute to the community blossomed after Sky entered my life. Now, Sky and I make it a daily routine to feed his five stray friends, which consistently becomes the highlight of my day.

I can proudly affirm that Sky has transformed me into a better human being. He has instilled in me empathy and kindness, serving as a constant reminder of the profound impact that love and companionship can have on one’s life

* Aishwarya grew up with her family dogs as a child and has always had a deep fondness for fauna.

She independently cares for a group of stray dogs in her society and actively participates in the rehabilitation of dogs allacrossIndia.

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